jennifer aniston's purse in Rumor Has It???

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  1. does anyone know what kind of purse Jennifer Aniston was carrying in the movie Rumor Has It? do you know where I can find it?
  2. You got a picture of it?
  3. i can't find one, but i'll keep looking...
  4. Man, I can't believe I just dug through the photos at and the Rumor Has It Official site trying to find any purse.

    No luck.

    The previews for this movie looked terrible. I just don't get Jennifer Aniston.
  5. I don't get her either. Read an blurb is US I think about her BV being her fav bag
  6. Originally I thought it was Cole Haan, but Coach is also a possibility. Whatever the make, it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  7. There was an article about her and the new movie in the lastest InStyle and it had several of her fashion looks in the movie and a cheaper look to match. I don't remember if it had her bag in their or not and I've already thrown mine out, but it might be a place to look.
  8. Hi, I'm kinda new here - do you know which month's issue of InStyle had the info. on Jennifer Aniston's fashion looks in Rumor Has It? I'm trying to track down those black suede wedge boots she wore throughout the first half of the movie but can't seem to find them anywhere.....I've been searching through my mags (keep all my issues of InStyle) but there are so many to search through so any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!
  9. I think its HOGAN...
  10. If I remember correctly, it is the Hogan Shopper or Weekend. Here area a couple of pics. I have it in the chocolate brown.

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  11. Marly, you can still get that bag (in that color, anyway) on Their stuff is authentic, I have purchased from them before with NO problems at all. They also had it in white and maybe a few other colors. Or you can call Hogan or Saks SF. The small size is $950 and the large is $995. I have the one in the T&C Travel pic.
  12. It's a great bag, I love it! I have it in black, it's worth every penny!...very practical.

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  13. Thank you both! I've never shopped at Styledrops, but I read about it before on this board. I will check it out.... you both have a beautiful bag! I couldn't get my eye off it during the Rumor Has It movie-
  14. I think USWeekly had something on this or InStyle.