Jennifer Aniston's Handbag in "The Break-Up"

  1. Hi Guys. I'm sure you've seen candid shots of Jennifer Aniston out with this beautiful black braided leather purse the past few months. Well, I saw "The Break Up" last night and she who it in the movie too. I absolutely love the bag but have no idea the designer. Anyone know?[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. The link doesn't work and I haven't seen the candid shots. Can you post link a place to see them?
  3. It looks like a Bottega Veneta bag to me. I'm not positive though.
  4. I like the white one she wore in the movie.
  5. I can't see the pics you posted and the link doesn't work.
  6. I want both of them, plus her whole wardrobe from the movie! lol
  7. I love that purse. I am glad she isnt a bag slut like Jessica Simpson. She has such a classic look.

    I think this is her bottega veneta, not positive. Thanks for posting that link. I thought that site died.

  8. That is too cute. Does anyone know the style or name of the bag? Would love to see it IRL.
  9. The black bag is from Bottega Veneta (old bag from several season ago -- no longer available)
    The white one is from Tods -- new D Bag

    You can find information on JA's outfits in The Break Up here:

    Ladies, let's be nice. =) Just because someone buys/owns a lot of bags doesn't mean she's a bag slut. If that's true, then a lot of us belong in that category. Just my opinion. Okay, back to discussing on fashion. =)
  10. I doubt that white bag is by Tod's. The stitchings are different.