Jennifer Aniston's Espadrille Wedges.... where can I find???

  1. Hi!
    Does anyone know who makes the Espadrille Wedges that Jen is wearing in this pic?? Who is the designer and where can I buy them??
  2. I want them too! Someone help us crack this fashion mystery!!!
  3. Come on people! Someone must know who makes these wedges!! Help me out!:smile:
  4. Sorry.....don't know who makes them :sad: But they are super cute!!!
  5. They are fabulous!

    How unfairs is it though that she can wear ankle straps & still have super long looking legs, I wear them & even though my legs are far from big, they are immediately transformed into something a lumberjack would chainsaw down?? grrrr......

    They are very 'Kors' from last year though.
  6. I'm almost positive she's wearing my Yves Saint Laurent wedges I got last year from Saks. Here is a picture of mine in brown.
  7. wow printmodel those are gorgeous!!!
  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I think you could be right!! wow! fabulous shoes print model!!!!

    I am soooo jealous!
  9. Thanks guys!:shame: I :heart: them and hope anyone who is looking for them can find them and enjoy them as much as I do!:yes:
  10. Great shoes print*model!!!
  11. Dang it! Last year huh? I better get trawling ebay to find some! :smile:

    They are fabulous! I have several pirs of YSL & I adore all of them....

  12. I don't know about hers specifically, but on my mad search for lace up espadrille wedges I came across a TON of shoes very similar.
    Have you Googled 'espadrille, wedge'?
  13. They are gorgeous, print*model. Do you know the name of this YSL wedges?
  14. Thanks! Sorry, I'm not sure of the name. Hope you can find them!