Jennifer Aniston's cute outfit

  1. I got these from and these were taken during a scene for an upcoming movie. Does anyone know where her boots, sweater, scarf are from???? Everything is soo cute on her! P.S. I can't believe people are bashing here on just saying how she got fat. They're crazy!!! Yeah she isn't as skinny as she was during Friends but she is NOT fat at all. She' still smokin!:tup:
    janistonboots.jpg janistonboots1.jpg
  2. Love those boots too! I don't think she's fat either.
  3. She looks great (although I'm not a fan of the jumper); people calling her fat need glasses and a brain.
  4. i think that floral "brooch" was a stretch.
  5. It amazes me how people are deemed fat because they lack protruding hip,collar and back bones.Jennifer looks like a well built heathy human being,more power to her.
  6. fat?! wow people are crazy!
  7. She is beautiful and healthy. I do love the boots, too. Not sure who makes them, love the wedge.
  8. She looks gorgeous. Love her!
  9. Is that a gardening bag that she is using as a purse?
  10. Here are some more pics
    03.jpg 01.jpg 02.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg
  11. Yes, you aren't imagining things! She is supposed to be a florist in this upcoming movie.
  12. wow so :true: people ARE REALLY crazy these days!
  13. She looks lovely!
  14. She's fat???? In whose opinion? Crazy!!!
  15. She is gorgeous

    Hey, I would love to be this fat hee hee :biggrin: