Jennifer Aniston's Boots

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  1. Anyone know? Thanks.

  2. ohh love this whole outfit? Can anyone ID anything? Maybe they are from the store she is leaving Bergdorfs/Barneys?
  3. Thanks for the similar item Swanky Mama of Three!

    Sarahs12, the sweater she's wearing is the AllSaints Force Cardigan. I don't know the bag or coat.

    Jen loves wedge boots! She wore a different pair the next day and they're also great. She's got the same bag in this one. If anyone can ID any of this outfit too, that would be great. Thanks!

  4. Thanks!!! In that new photo the hat might be Rag & Bone?
  5. Boots in 2nd pic are Givenchy.
  6. The bag could be a Celine Trotteur handbag, the quality of the picture makes it hard to be 100% sure...