Jennifer Aniston's black handbag

  1. Does anyone know the brand of the purse that Jennifer Aniston has been carrying around lately. It is black, its been in all of the magazines, and she had it at Sundance. I have looked everywhere online for it, but no luck.
    Thank you to Amanda, but no luck so far.:sad2:
  2. It is a Bottega veneta bag from a few seasons ago, so it's all sold out at the stores.
  3. If its the bag I think you're talking about, Bob Ellis online has it in the brown still:biggrin:
  4. Soybean, I couldn't find it on the site under handbags, or sale handbags. Just wanted to take a look at it. :biggrin:
  5. hmmmm, was just there, isn't it the bag under "handbags" for BV, 5th bag from the left?

  6. thought this was it, but diff. color and perforated version
  7. The bag on Bob Ellis is much bigger than Jen's bag and has a single strap instead of two. I've been trying to locate Jen's bag for a couple of months but have been told by several Bottega SAs at various stores that it's completely sold out. I've been told her bag is the Bottega Veneta keep all (or is it hold all?) bag and it was made for last year's resort collection. There's a similar bag for this year, but the straps are shorter and will not fit over the shoulder. Plus it's done in perforated leather that is stiff and unappealing. Sure wish I could track down this bag (sigh)...