Jennifer Aniston

  1. What's she carrying?
  2. She looks fabulous! I love her!
  3. She looks great and her skin is glowing.
  4. These pictures are how I have always seen her. Very average looking girl imo. I can't get passed her nose and chin.
  5. I think she's darling.
  6. not surprised. I hope she can find love after Brad.
  7. I love her!!!!
  8. I hope she ends up happy....I feel badly for what happened to her w/Brad.
  9. Me too. Best of luck to her!
  10. Aw, I hope that she is happy.
  11. Same here.
  12. All in time
  13. Poor girl. She deserves much better than Brad =)
  14. It all makes me sad, I just really like her.