Jennifer Aniston

  1. Aw..Jen looks so pretty as usual. Nicole looks good too. :smile:
  2. Jennifer's the perfect example of the benefits of healthy living... she must be doing something right to look that good and to look exactly the same as she did 10 years ago!

    Lindsay Lohan should take a cue.
  3. Jennifer looks great as always.
  4. I wonder if it's too late for LL, but you're right about jen.
  5. She looks great in coral, it shows off her skin tone perfectly
  6. I find this so ironic considering she smokes and has for a long time. She does look amazing and her smoking doesn't appear to be aging her yet.
  7. I didn't know she's a long time smoker! :shocked: Definitely doesn't show it AT ALL. I do hope she cuts that habit though. It's bad for a whole host of reasons. Sigh, easier said than done...
  8. Smoking and sun lover... there are laser treatments to combat both, and I'm sure she goes regularly, but still, she looks amazing. Even better.
  9. I'm guessing she's not a 3 packs a day kind of smoker. I always had friends that liked a cigarette when they drank, I'm guessing this is more her habit.
    Nonetheless, it's terrible for her, I hope she quits and whatever she's doing to counteract it is amazing!!!
  10. Aniston strikes me as the type to drink water, eat her fish and veggies and hit up the spa when needed!

    I don't think she is a carton smoker, probably just on occasion. we can hand count the pics in this thread of her seen smoking
  11. she's a closet smoker, more than you guys would think
  12. Well I guess in her case, the cigs are working in her favor. She just gets better with each puff. :p
  13. Unfortunately, what I've seen and read over the years of Jen to me she definitely seems like a regular, long time smoker, not a chain smoker, but I wouldn't put a half pack a day out of the question nowadays (probably considerably more years ago). She's been smoking since a rather young age and I think over the years she's tried to taper her habit down but not enough to give it up altogether. She certainly doesn't let it affect her activity level and looks though! My good girlfriend is the same way, smokes rather regularly, but eats super healthy, juices, does cleanses, runs, bikes, etc.,etc. I hate smoking, but everyone has their vice I suppose, hopefully Jen will get away from it sooner than later, but I think she truly enjoys it.
  14. do you know her?

  15. I think so too, I have interviews of Jen from magazines dating back to the mid 90s and she always mentions her cigs. She started back in high school in NYC, and started with 30 a day.... now it seems she's cut down quite a bit.