Jennifer Aniston

  1. [​IMG]
    Anybody know what bag this is Jennifer Aniston carried in "The Breakup"? She had it in black and in white. Tod's???
  2. Im almost 100 % sure that it is a TODS D-Bag!:biggrin::flowers:
  3. Its a Chanel Clef tote.
  4. I ment Chanel Cerf tote.
  5. [​IMG]this is the D bag by Tods, Jennifer has a Chanel Cerf. She also carried a black one in the same movie as well.
  6. Does anyone have more pics of the Chanel Cerf?

    Edited to say: I fell in love with this bag as well while watching the movie!
  7. Was it fake Tod the one in the movie??
  8. she looks great!!!!!!!
  9. The bag is perfect for her! But which is it the Chanel or Tod's?
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    i love her!!!
  12. Wow, she has great skin.
  13. She puts on a few lbs.
  14. Yes! Her skin just glows!