Jennifer Aniston & Vogue 4/2006 article

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  1. Hmm...JA's comments on charitable works...Humantarian work is not her thing and she has no interest in it. (correct me if i read it wrong) Sometimes stars make comments that make them look so bad, at least she's honest about it.

    "Well. You said you wanted to save the dying children?"

    "Mmmm. No. I don't recall that."

    "Yeah. They said so. They called and said you were interested and then you just decided never to call again. But the children are dead now, so it's OK. The window has passed. But it's good to meet you in person!"

    Laughing, she puts her head in her hands and says, "Oh, God, It's just too much." She pauses for a moment, still shaking her head in amazement. When we finally stop laughing, I ask her how she feels about being asked to do those sorts of things.

    "You know there's stuff I've done in my career...." She trails off and then says, "This is such a delicate subject." Here, for the first time in any conversation we've had, she starts to say something that sounds canned, a bit rehearsed. "I think it's an amazing thing for people to do, and we as actors have the platform to go out there and bring awareness and bring people together and make things happen. It's one of the great perks of what we do." Long pause as she realizes she's beginning to wade into Brad-and-Angelina territory. "And everybody participates in their own way, whether it's political or economic. I think we all do our part. I'm more ... I like to be ... I get really nervous about public anything when it's making a declaration. I should probably become more opinionated about certain things. But you know, I just don't like... I see a lot of.... See, this is where I don't, want to get too into this, because, you know, I want to be very delicate about... actors going out there and ... being... politicians. Or representatives of this or that. Which I find.... It's just not my thing. It's not what interests me. I commend anybody who goes out there and does it. And when the moment happens and it's authentic for me. I'm sure I will."
  2. I actually wish more actors were less in my face about their opinions.
    If she wants to help, great, if she doesn't, okay.
    Would people really prefer her to pretend she's all about something she's not?
    You can't really help if your heart isn't in it. Because she doesn't do what Angelina does, doesn't make her a lesser person IMO.
  3. I guess the things that DO interest her are making B-movies that go staight to DVD/video and whining to Oprah and to anyone else who'd listen about how she is doind "just fine". At least now we have some idea as to why Brad left her. I have NEVER liked her and now she just reassured me that she is as self absorbed as I thought she was.:sick:
  4. YAY, somebody else feels the same way i do!:lol:
  5. Actually I think she's saying she doesn't want to be public about what she chooses to do charity wise. She didn't say anything about not doing her part privately. I think i understand that. I think some celebs use all the humanitarian stuff to give their lives some meaning and in some ways, it's a show. I don't think she was saying she's against humanitarian activity, just that public stands are not for her at this time.

    Not that I think she's the most humanitarian inclined person, but who knows? I do feel that being a so called "humanitarian" while tempting other people's husbands boyfriends away (eg Brad pitt and billy bob thornton (who was in a commited relationship with laura dern at the time angie struck) is a little weird. Please don't slam me for this opinion. I don't know angelina. She may be perfectly lovely. i just think Jennifer aniston's statements were a bit miscontrued in this quote.
  6. I agree. Just because she's a "Public Personality" doesn't mean she actually wants everyone to know everything.
    I didn't see anything wrong w/ the quote.
  7. I love Jen.:heart:

    She's a strong women who acted like ANY divorced woman whos husband moved on way too quickly would act. She can ***** about that to Oprah and not lose ANY respect from me. :smile:
  8. i feel totally the same way!!!!;)
  9. i am a little tired of the whole 'poor jen she's gone though so much she's being so strong' thing that every interview seems to portray... not to downplay her pain because of the end of her marriage, but she used to seem so much more interesting and her personality seemed so much more vibrant before the whole shift that all tv/magazines want to talk to her about is brad and angelina and comparing her life to thiers
  10. I got to agree with SwankyMama on this one. I've never been a fan of Jen's but I dont hate her or anything either. She might be sweet, she might be a *****, I wouldnt know, but just because she's not public or as enthusiastic about it doesnt make her a bad person. You cant make someone interested in something they're just not interested in.
  11. My understanding from reading this is that she doesn't want to be media-hogging about what she does (humanitarian or otherwise).

    LV_addict, I think you took that part out of context. She's not saying that it doesn't interest her. What doesn't interest her is being a public person while performing these things, or having public opinions.

    I find that actually a good stance to have. She's there to make movies (regardless of quality), not use her celebrity as a soap box.

    ~Marie~, IMHO, you'd sound a bit less interesting too if a meaningful relationship ended so publicly and all people wanted and published about was the breakup. Whatever else you say would be disregarded because only the drama sells.

    Not that I'm a great Jen fan, but I admire her courage and decency in the whole mess, contrary to Brad and Angelina who are just so in your face about everything and so blatant about their affair. That's tasteless.
  12. I don't know about all the stuffs that the media feeds to the general public. Who knows what's made up and what's real, can only say that no one knows but the stars themselves. I find it funny how the public chooses side to this so-called triangle like we really know them -- JA the victim and AJ the housewrecker.

    Meg Ryan's 'Sweetheart' was completely shattered (her recent movies are not good to me anyway; big fan of her old movies) by news of her romance with Russell Crowe a few years ago right? Everyone was just shocked at her 'extramarital affair'. In recent interviews, she said that Russell Crowe wasn't the other man and that her marriage was over for 5 years already (before all that). Her ex-husband admitted to problems being around for a long time recently as well. People can still say she's wrong for being involved with another man while still married. But there's a another set of topics. Well..
  13. Jennifer Aniston is old news. She better continue taking all the movie roles she can. She can't act and her movies aren't doing well. SHe should save her money and enjoy life!
  14. Lol. I agree. I think the way the media keeps talking about her Brad and Jolie for SUCH a long time is actually becoming really boring.