Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn

  1. Based on various interviews, Jennifer Aniston has moved on with her life. YAY! She's found someone who can make her happy and vice versa. 'Poor Jen' comments should be stopped from now on. =)


    Los Angeles, CA :: On-and-off-camera couple Jennifer Aniston, 37, and Vince Vaughn, 36, attended a press junket at the Casa Del Mar hotel this past Friday for their upcoming film The Break-Up (opens next Friday, June 2nd). Jen and Vince arrived and left in separate cars but both wound up together at luxury hotel 'Shutters On The Beach' located at 1 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, California 90405. More pictures in the gallery!

    “I felt really safe with him,” Jen said. “That was the other thing. I immediately felt comfortable and like I'd known him for awhile.”

    “She's got Elvis dust,” Vince smiled.

    “What's Elvis dust?” Access Hollywood asked.

    “It's unexplainable. People are drawn to her. Jennifer's the kind of person you could put in a room and all the kids would come over not even knowing how she is,” Vince explained.

    “I loved the way we would volley together,” Jen said. “I had that on my show, where we would just have a trust but that was also 10 years in the making and we just met and had it pretty instantly.”


    Back to fashion, JA's dress isn't too flattering (especially the bottom)? Yeah? Seems like she lost more weigh.
  2. They both seem like nice people, and I'm happy for them.
  3. I am NOT a fan of hers but the movie looks funny!!!
  4. I'm so glad that Jen's moved on with her life. I wish her the best. :heart:
  5. I want to see that movie!! I wonder if they met through Ben Stiller, lol. I like what Vince said about her and Elvis dust, cute.
  6. Thank God,I'm sick of her playing the victim :Push: .
  7. She is the victim and it's the media and people who like her that "pity" her.

    I think it's really sad that people in the media and Team Aniston kept mentioning her "pain". Who wants to re-live it?
  8. Let's hope her new movie is not box office poison like her other ones.
  9. Victim or not, is it possible for us not to go there again and again and again? We don't know the truth & it's been discussed over & over already. Let's move on, please................... =)

    I'm sorry for getting off-topic, I still believe that marriage is between 2 people -- they would be the only ones with the truth.

    We didn't hear all these 'victim' stuffs about Nicole Kidman even when there were reports and rumors of Tom Cruise divorcing her after she's pregnant (miscarried later). If those stories were indeed true, I can't even find the proper word to describe him (All my male friends & co-workers thought he's a big jerk)!!! Her camps (PR people, friends) didn't give interviews trashing Tom Cruise for being 'insensitive', TC even issued a statement saying that NK knew what happened. Her camps wanted to protect the children? We don't know & will never know. Only they knew what happened in their marriage. She proved to everyone she was talented (not just Mrs. TC) by winning an Oscar too! Class! Class! Class! She only talked about her humiliation recently.

    How about Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke?
    When asked about EH caught cheating on her, she said that she's responsible for her failed marriage as well - when things didn't work out, other things happened (something like that). No one should be pointing fingers.

    Even JA said people tend to think they are victims and point fingers when things don't work out the way they intended.

  10. And you should have ended right there :smile:
  11. Yup. No more comments on them anymore. =)
    Will switch back to love of handbags & fashion. =)
  12. (source:
    "HAMBURG, GERMANY - JUNE 12: Actress Jennifer Aniston, director Peyton Reed and actor Vince Vaughn attend a special screening of "The Break Up" June 12, 2006 in Hamburg, Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) "
  13. Agree!
  14. I just read that her movie was awful...not worth going to see, but that people went because of all they read about their relationship.

    I also read that they are no longer together and are keeping it low key until the movie takes in as much $ as it can to keep their names up their for their next paycheck. True/not true...who knows?

    All I know is I am tired of the poor Jen thing...she is ok...she moved on...we all face this in our life...maybe not in the public eye, BUT WE don't make the kind of money she does and live her lifestyle, so there is a price she has to pay at times like this. Sad, but true.