Jennifer Aniston & Vince Spend The Night Together

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    Could Jennifer Aniston's on-off relationship with fellow actor Vince Vaughn be back on?

    The ex-Friends star is said to have spent a cosy night in with the star, who didn't leave until 5pm the nest day, at her Los Angeles home, according to a report in a British magazine.
    Unlucky-in-love Jennifer, 38 and Vince, 37 announced their split five months ago - allegedly Vaughn was reluctant to commit to more than a casual relationship, while Aniston, who divorced from actor Brad Pitt last year - is keen on marriage and kids.
    According to a report in Grazia magazine, the couple have been inseparable in recent weeks, and talk regularly on the phone.
    A source told the magazine: 'Vince kept begging Jen to go to dinner with him. However, she knew it would set tongues wagging so she offered to cook for him at her place'.

    The dinner went so well, Vince, who arrived in the afternooon in his blue Pontiac Firebird, stayed until 5pm the following day.
    However, friends of the actress say she made him sleep in the guest room after they sat up talking into the early hours.
    Friend Courteney Cox-Arquette, who starred with Jennifer in the hit series Friends is said to be supportive of Jennifer's decision to renew her relationship with Vince.
    A source said: "Courteney has never disliked Vince. She just felt that he needed to grow up." Scroll down for more...

    Not everyone is happy to see the couple take tentative steps to resuming their friendship, as Jennifer's friends fear that she is still fragile from the break-up, and don't want to see her hurt again.
    But it looks like those warnings may fall on deaf ears.

    "After the dinner, Jen was telling people that she and Vince have a really strong bond and really understand each other," said the friend.
    "She said she no longer had such big expectations about the future and that they had agreed to try taking things one day at a time."
    Vince and Jennifer have apparently met up several times since their split in December 2006. One was Jennifer's birthday party in February, which was hosted by close friend Courteney Cox-Arquette.
  2. Personally I think she can do so much better. I cant stand Vince. But if she's happy then .... whatever.
  3. I have to agree Prada, she is such a beautiful lady and like youself i'm not a big fan of Vince.
    From Brad Pitt, worlds sexiest mad to Vince . . . . . . . . . . .
    But to each is own.
  4. I don't know much about Vince but he seems nice enough and I find him hilarious.

    I think they're a cute's not all about looks....some people actually judge others on the beauty of their character!! *gasp* Shocking I know!!
  5. i'm not sure about them either but if vince makes jen happy and doesn't cheat on jen like brad pitt.
  6. I like her dress :heart:
  7. I think Vince is very funny!!! Actually, I don't think Jen is all that attractive...
  8. i think they are compatible in the comedy sense... they both do funny stuff... and i think that make them click... so if jen is happy and vince won't break her heart... why not? :amuse:
  9. How can I really judge...she just needs to stay focused on what she wants.
  10. I don't think she is either. I think Brad was out of her league honestly. Vince is hilarious. I get so tired of hearing about Jen really. People just feel sorry for her because Brad left her...She's really not that beautiful or anything.

    Perhaps she is a nice person. I'm sure she is but this hype surrounding her is really over the top.....
    Love her dress!
  11. Definitely.. she can do better!!
  12. amen to that!
  13. amen to that!:yes:
  14. I hope she finds happiness after such a nasty split with Brad- whoever that is with for her!:heart:
  15. I really do hope that she's happy with Vince, but for some reason I think deep down she'll always think about the one that got away....Brad!