Jennifer Aniston Sues Perez Hilton

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    Perez Hilton is being sued for displaying a topless pic of Aniston, taken from the set of the Break-Up. Universal is claiming he didn’t take it down when he was asked to. Perez Hilton’s lawyer is saying that he did and Universal is pursuing the lawsuit because Aniston doesn’t love the way Perez depicts her on his site.

    Apparently, Universals notice was sent somewhere in Arizona rather than to our client directly and when our client received direct notice, in good faith our client removed the picture notwithstanding the right to the fair use of the photograph.

    Our client questions whether this lawsuit was in fact motivated by Ms. Aniston as a result of her disdain for viewpoints expressed about her on the site,” Freedman continued, referring to the fairly catty tone Hilton, 28, generally takes when commenting on the former Friends star, going so far as to refer to her as “Maniston.”

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  2. He seems to be in a bit of heat all the time...
  3. Is that a real pic of her or is it photoshopped? If she took this pic for the movie why is she getting mad. If they took it when she was at her house then that is one thing, but she is definitly posing in that pic, if its real!!!

  4. No kidding
  5. I think she's mad number one because it's Perez Hilton (he is constantly ridiculing her and berating her) and also because the nude scene in her movie the 'Break up' was not supposed to reveal everything, the rest was blurred out purposely. But the flip side of that is that somewhere the actual uncensored footage still exists of her nude! Hence it is now circulating in the public! Have to be careful with what you do on camera!
  6. That's not the topless pic in question. The real pic that Perez posted was a shot from the movie which didn't make it in the final cinema release.

    Edited to add I can post a link to the pic but Jen might sue me (or TPF) LOL LOL
  7. I knew this was coming a mile away. Perez is always calling Jen "Maniston", which I think is really rude. He always subtley compares her to Angelina. He even admits to hating Jen because she doesn't give back to society, she is a mediocre actress, her career is going nowhere and that she is not that pretty.

    Get a life Perez. I don't see him/her (sometimes he's such a girl) giving back to society either.
  8. It bothers me how he 'decorates' the photos.

    That is SO high school. (You know, when you deface the yearbook photos of the people you hate.)
  9. ^But that's what made him so famous, and apparently quite wealthy. I don't mind him, because a lot of the nicknames he gives to celebrities are just too funny: Chinnifer Maniston et al. I wonder who coined the name Parasite Hilton...
  10. Meh I'd rather read Pink is the New Blog. I don't like Perez.
  11. I think Perez tries too hard.
    I agree with the above poster about the defacing. It's maybe funny the first time, but when he does the same thing to every photo it gets old
  12. Can't stand perez.
  13. I think youare 100% right! I love Perez!
  14. I don't really like Perez, he's so annoying and acts like he is so cool cause he is photographed with people like Paris

    I think the ONTD community are celebrating this cause they hate him so much :p