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  2. I love those Gucci shoes -- does anyone know if they're from the current season?
  3. June 23rd -- NYC

    Shoes - Christian Louboutin
    Purse - Tom Ford
    Watch - Rolex


  4. June 24th, NYC

    Purse and skirt - Tom Ford

    Watch - Rolex
    Shirt - Calvin Klein
    Shoes - Michael Kors



  5. I am not sure but I do too love those. If you find some info about them do share!!:graucho: please!!

  6. Those Michael Kors are calling my name but I am in a no more shoes mode at the moment. I have seen them on sale and have wondered!!!:cool:
  7. That purse is amazing, but sigh. I do not have 4k for a purse.
  8. :wtf: That Tom Ford bag is $4,000????:faint:
  9. Yes! I think there was a thread about that purse about a month ago. I love the extra large zipper as the hardware, but seriously, 4k! Oh to be Jen Aniston.
  10. Really? that is a lot of money!!!
  11. I remember there was a thread talking about this bag. It is only sold in Tom Ford's boutiques which only reside in New York and Los Angeles Beverly Hills. This bag doesn't sell online. It is very pretty, but, $4,000?!

  12. I am sooo in love with the orange dress:graucho:
  13. Oh wow, I didn't know that the Tom Ford bag was so expensive! I love Tom Ford and I really like the bag, but no, I think I will skip this one :amuse:
  14. I love the Ford bag too, and if I had say, 12 tho, I have it in 4 colors..if they made it in more, that is. ;)

    Jen looks hot in all the pics, my least fav is the Prada dress at the sidewalk ceremony, but she still looks better in it than a lot of others would.

    She and SJP rule Hollywood style, IMO.