Jennifer Aniston new choice

  1. I've flipped through US Weekly magazine and read somewhere in there that Jennifer Aniston is using Cellcosmet Ultra Vital moisterizer.

    I guess celebrities switch brands all the time because last time I've heard she was using Valmont and others...
  2. Hmm...I have never heard of that brand. Perhaps celebrities are given products for them to endorse. Or maybe she gets paid to say she uses it?
  3. She probably gets it for free. I've never heard of that brand either.
  4. Cellcosmet are sold in high-end department stores now.
    both Valmont and Cellcosmet are salon products that are available thru salons only.
  5. I use this line and absolutely love it! I've ordered Kate Somerville to see that all the hype was and hoping that Kate in a Jar will be a bit stronger then Cellcosmet.
  6. maybe they get them sent to them but never use them...
  7. Good point swopp!

    But I have noticed that she prefers high end namebrands. Example, Brand and Jennifer was using Valmont, then her friend Courtney convinced her to try the other brand (can't remember the name that Courtney is promoting and spokes model for). Now I've read that she is using Cellcosmet.

    I think I have already mention this, I really love Cellcosmet moisterizers. The eye cream and Ultra Vital is so amazing. Maybe about once a month or so, I will use their stress mask and I'm telling you, it is such a nice treat and does not aggrivate my acne.

    What a beautiful luxury skincare line. I'm telling you, the Swiss must be the best when it comes to skincare products.

  8. I'm intrigued now. And I could definitely use some pampering.