Jennifer Aniston Father suffers A Heart Attack !

  1. [​IMG]Aniston's Father Suffers Heart Attack, Report Says

    Business Wire, File
    Aniston, right, poses with "Friends With Money" friends.

    Jennifer Aniston's actor father John has reportedly suffered a heart attack.

    Life & Style magazine reports in its new issue that the actress heard the news about her father's health crisis last Friday and spent mu ch of the weekend at his bedside.
    "Days of Our Lives" star John, 73, is recovering at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center in California.
    A family insider tells the publication, "It was a scary few hours before Jen got definitive word from doctors that her dad would be fine."
    Life & Style reports Jennifer's boyfriend Vince Vaughn proved to be a great support throughout the weekend, dropping a number of commitments to be with her.
    The family source says, "He cancelled several appointments and stayed by her side.
    "I don't think Jen is ever going to forget what a stand-up guy Vince was and how he really stuck by her just when she needed him the most."
    Aniston's representatives have refused to respond to a request for comment

    Latest word is that he is recovering. :heart:

    John Aniston has heart attack_
  2. oh no! i love him as victor in y&r i hope he recovers to his full potential and thats cute how vince was by jen's side.
  3. Actually, It is not Y& R it was Days of Our Lives.
  4. oh yeahhh boo i always get the two mixed up.. victor kiriokus (sp?)
  5. I'm glad to hear that he is doing better now = )
  6. Oh no! Victor had a heart attack!? That show IS stressful! LOL!
    Not a lauging matter IRL, but that show's storyline stresses me out!
    I hope he recovers quickly!
  7. glad to hear that he is getting better.
  8. He's such a great actor! I watched Days for 15 years. Glad he is recovering!
  9. I really wish the entire family all the very best during this time
  10. he's a great actor.. i hope he's fine now
  11. oh no not victor kiriakis !!!! :sad: i :heart: him!
  12. I always get confused. Did Jennifer and her father ever have a falling out, or was that just Angelina Jolie and HER father?
  13. angelina and HER father had a falling out, but jennifer and HER mother had one too and weren't on speaking terms either.....