Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox on May 10, 2006

  1. I couldn't see Jen's bag but she looks really thin. She always looks great IMO.
  2. she also looks like she has grown her hair alot (possible extensions ?) :smile:
  3. Very classy bag..It's Bottega Veneta
  4. She is so played out....needs new image...always looks the same blah life to her
  5. Homely and hideous...all skin and bones, yuk!
  6. This bag is fabulous. Does anyone know what this Bottega (do we know it's a Bottega?) is called? :heart: Be-au-ti-ful!:heart:
    Jennifer needs to eat. Especially scary because the camera adds on pounds!
  7. Wait. Sorry. Here's the close up: