Jennifer Aniston Boots on

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Can anyone ID these boots? She was wearing them recently when she helped save a dog on Sunset Blvd.. Please let me know if you can figure out what brand they are.

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  2. Coach, I believe.
  3. Can anyone verify??
  4. Yep, I saw a higher quality version of one of these photos, and it had the Coach logo on the boot.
  5. Are they still available anywhere?
  6. They're made by Bronx. I think they are the Reno boot. Amazon has two pair, one for just under $100 and one for $50. I think the more expensive ones are lined with fur, but I am not really sure.
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    I guess they are the pair I posted above. Thanks for verifying Bronte & ava24!:smile:

    Is anyone going to get a pair?
  8. I ordered a pair of the cheaper ones from Amazon. The price was too good to pass up. I finally found a site that explains the price difference - the close up shots show that the 13285 is lined with fur (it looks faux), while the 13280 is unlined. My uggs are too warm sometimes so I figured the unlined boots would get more use. I cannot wait to get them!
  9. I immediately went to Amazon to see if I could get a pair too but they don't make them in my size! :cursing:
  10. Ordered one of each (lined and unlined). Thank you, ladies! I hope they run true to size...

    FYI, I did a search and found them on several sites for those of you who couldn't find your sizes via amazon.

  11. I did too! I couldn't decide if it was better with the furry lining or not so I wanted to try both on. Such a great price.
  12. Barneysgal,

    Couldn't agree more! Better pricing than Uggs, and just by sight, I far prefer them. I'm so excited, I received notice mine have shipped already. Fingers crossed that they fit... Good luck with yours!
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know I received my Bronx boots today - and man! They are goooooooorgeous!!! And I've been wearing UGGs now for probably the past 7 years... but I am in love w/these and I'm bailing on my uggs.. they definitely run true to size - and they feel amazing on your feet. They are not sheepskin on the bottoms of the inner sole like uggs but they have a nice cushioning and the sheepskin or faux sheepskin runs the length of the boot from top to bottom - I give these 5-stars!! :tup::heart: