Jennifer Aniston and Matthew McConaughey?! Life&Style cover!

  1. I am so hoping this is more than gossip. I just got the brand new Life&Style (shout out to my favorite magazine store in manhattan:yahoo:)
    This couple just rocks my world. There is a very interesting article that makes a lot of sense to me.
    Jenn and Matt isn't going to flow into anything too easily tho. Matthifer? Jennthew?
    Still, this is my couple of the year if they are actually indeed a couple.
  2. I like him a lot better than Vince Vaughn.
  3. ack! Isn't he notorious for NOT wanting to settle down? She's been saying in interviews that she sees herself starting her family within the year.{?}
  4. Who knows anymore?
  5. This guy is hibitually stoned!
  6. Hollywood....who knows what's real and what's not. I used to like her a lot better when she had the cute haircut on Friends (years ago).
  7. True or not, who knows, but they would have cute babies ;) ;)
  8. What happened to Vince?
  9. Kinda funny cause I was JUST reading something about how Jen smokes ALOT of pot!!! Hahaha so maybe they're a match made in heaven. :shrugs:

    If they are a couple I think it's adorable and they would probably be super cute together. I like him way better than Vince!!
  10. Yeah I also want to know.. :confused1:
  11. I think they'd make a gorgeous couple, whether true or not.
  12. wait, did i miss out on something? what happened to vince?
  13. I can't stand him! :yucky:

  14. Seriously????? What is wrong with her???? Honestly, only in Hollywood!:confused1:
  15. Actually, if she gets Matthew, wouldn't that be great? I always felt sorry for her after Brad. Wasn't Matthew voted the sexiest man alive..hmm revenge! Sorry to Brad and Angelina fans, I just can't stand them!!