Jennifer Aniston: Adoption Papers Filed!

  1. Jennifer Aniston: Adoption Papers Filed!


    Inspired by her friend Sheryl Crow & the suppot of her new man (British model Paul Sculfor), Jen’s filed the papers to adopt her own baby son

    Jennifer Aniston is adopting, an adoption agency source tells OK! magazine.

    Aniston is apparently working with the same agency Sheryl Crow used to adopt and would “love a boy.”
    A friend of Aniston’s tells the magazine that she’s been thinking about adoption for a while and got the process going after seeing Crow with newly adopted son Wyatt.
    “The process has 100% started,” a source says.
  2. awww Hooray! I hope it's true. :smile:
  3. How nice! Another little one will have a chance at a good life with a loving mother. Good for her.
  4. Awwwr I hope it's true too! That's a really great photo of her on that cover.
  5. Good for Jennifer, she deserves all the happiness in life!
  6. I hope it's true and she'll finally have her own baby.
    I'm sure she'll be a terrific mother.
  7. Aww, is this true? Has this been verified? I think that she would make a great mother. Too bad timing wasn't right for her and Brad. I think that they would have had a beautiful baby together. We may never know....
  8. good for her. I guess when it comes to adoption, being a celeb helps a huge lot.....and that's unfair but that's another story and off topic I guess.
  9. ahhh now that would be a lovely story if its true.

    Crossing my fingers, Cheryl Crow said in a recent interview that Jennifer had been v supportive, and really interested in the whole adoption process.

    lets hope this develops, Coco Cox needs a toyboy for later ;)
  10. I couldn't agree more! She seems like such a sweet person, I only wish for good things for her. I hope that Angelina doesn't take credit for this!
  11. I hope it's true too! She does deserve it! She's wanted a baby for some time now and now she can give the love and joy to a deserving baby. She will be a great mom!
  12. Good for her!

  13. :yes:
  14. I like Jen a lot, and I'm sure she'll make a great Mom one day. . .
    but I'm skeptical that OK knows first.
  15. I am sure she is going to be a wonderful mother:heart:, plus her child will definitely not be sold to grace a different cover of a different magazine each week ...:tdown: