Jennifer Anisten Shopping @ Barneys, Meanwhile.....

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]Jen's $15 million Beverly Hills estate was fully under wraps for a fumigation treatment -- but exterminators were kind enough to clothe the mansion in a rather fetching blue and gold number.

  2. I wonder what she bought?! :nuts:
  3. what happened with the house and why is it being fumigated .????
  4. ^^same Q here ?
  5. it looks like a dodgy new branch of Ikea at her house ;) :biggrin:
  6. Maybe Brad stopped by to pick up his things!!!:nuts: J/K:wlae:
  7. Irene you're too funny!
  8. That is the typical tent used to kill termites. It happens all over the place! (luckily not our house!! lol) Hotels all over town have that done. Old structures, remodeled and the little buggers are still in the frame. NIGHTMARE.

  9. LLLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  10. every house needs to be fumigated once in awhile. usually, there is a fumigation after a house has just been bought or about to be sold. i don't know whats the case here though.
  11. [​IMG]