Jenna Jameson

  1. LOL at some of the comments in this thread!
  2. No, it's well-traveled..........:wtf: :wtf: :yucky:
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  4. LOL...OMG that is TMI if there ever was!!
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    So many funny comments, don't know who to quote!
    Really how does she know she's not happy with it? Its not like a bad face lift where she can see it. Guess maybe the belt is still too loose. :confused1:
    Can't get my neighbors huge double wide hallways out of my mind. :roflmfao:
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  7. No pics... shucks!!!

  8. wow!!!!
  9. Yes, these surgeries are quite common. My PS does them all the time. Many porn stars also have their anuses bleached. They get a little discolored from too much "action".
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  11. Now THAT is something no one needs to know!!:throwup:
  12. same here!! I wonder what else can be done to a body now?! :yucky:

  13. ew, ew, ew!!! :throwup: HOW DISGUSTING IS THIS!! Bleach your anus?? GROSSSSS!
  14. Apparently, there's such a thing as vaginal bleaching, too.

    A portion of the article:

    The first thing you need to know about Anal Bleaching is that it is REAL! Anal Bleaching is a growing trend started as a response to waxing salon customers who were concerned that their anal and vaginal areas were dark. From our research, two salons are on the forefront of this issue and have been innovators in this new trend.
    One salon in Los Angeles was recently featured on E! Network's program Dr. 90210 which highlights interesting and unusual cosmetic procedures. A recent episode showcased customer and porn star Tabitha Stevens having the treatment done. Another, located in Sydney Australia, was working with celebrity customers down under. Your's truly contacted these salons to find out more about the procedure and how each of them got started.
    Originally, anal and vaginal lightening was discovered by adult film stars, dancers, models, beauty-concious celebrities and others on the forefront of the waxing trend who were "exposed" and wanted to enhance the appearance of the anal, vaginal and other areas. However, they had to go to special salons and use harsh chemicals that could have potentially harmful side effects. As the popularity of bikini waxing grew, more waxing customers began noticing that their genital areas were darker than normal. It became a genuine concern from regular housewives and people in general. And the requests were coming in more and more. Discoloration of the anal and vaginal areas can be caused by aging, hormonal changes from pregnancy and more. As more people discover bikini waxing (especially the ultra-revealing Brazilian), the more they need to pay attention to how they look once the hair is removed. Anal and vaginal lightening (also known as anal bleaching) is becoming increasingly popular because it can diminish dark, unsightly discoloration or pigmentation.
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