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  1. Porn Star Jenna Jameson’s Botched Plastic Surgery Puts Her Out Of Work
    Posted on March 30th, 2007 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross
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    Porn star Jenna Jameson, who has been trying to turn her best-selling book “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star” into a movie, has not been showing up to her Hollywood studio meetings because of an ill-fated vaginoplasty that has left her very unhappy with the results. Since the vaginoplasty, the star of hundreds of x-rated flix has allegedly gone into hiding until her valuable privates heal or are re-done.
    “She underwent a vaginoplasty at a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and she is very unhappy,” says a source close to the x-rated film star. “She has decided to hole up and not speak to anybody. The producers are about to pull the plug on the movie.” There is a major studio which was apparently interested in turning the book into a mainstream (but not too family-friendly) production.
    Considering how important Jenna’s privates are to her line of her work, we hope that she will heal and overcome her troubles for the benefit of porn fans worldwide.
    Dr. David Matlock, the leading surgeon for vaginoplasties, was previously interviewed by Make Me Heal about vaginoplasties and explains: “We perform two categories of procedures, laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) for the enhancement of sexual gratification and designer laser vaginoplasty (DLV) for the aesthetic enhancement of the vulva structures. LVR is primarily for women who have had children and as a result of childbirth they are experiencing vaginal relaxation. This vaginal relaxation results in decreased sexual gratification for the female. LVR enhances vaginal muscle tone, strength and control. It also decreases the internal and external vaginal diameters and builds up the perineal body (the area outsets the vagina and above the anus). DLV consist of numerous aesthetic procedures of the vulvar structures. The most requested is laser reduction labioplasty of the labia minora. The laser procedure sculptures down the labia minora. Women state that they don’t want the labia minora to project beyond the labia majora (large outer lips). We can perform most anything one desires of the vulvar structures (reduction of the labia majora, liposculpturing of the fatty mons pubis and labia majora, autologous fat transplant to the labia majora to enhance them, correct deformities, combination procedures (LVR plus DLV).
    Read the rest of the interview with Dr. Matlock about vagionplasty.
  2. Good gracious!
  3. WOW!
    I'm guessing she had an LVR, considering what she did for a living. But then again, having a baby would do that, not sex.

    It would've stretched THAT much!?!?! Was there fisting involved?

    I mean, she would have either had to have given birth, which she never had or . . . . . I don't even WANT to finish that sentence. But it had something to do with large foreign objects.

    Um, I wish her the best?

    (I think it was an unfortunate coincidence they used the phrase 'holed up,' though. Considering what the article was about.)
  4. ummm....ew???:yucky:
  5. OMG!!!! I was thinking that, but I didn't have the guts to say it!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :shame:
  6. Ew. I must be naive, I didn't even know they did those.
  7. :wtf: :s :shrugs:
  8. haha for real?
  9. Wow. I hope she feels better. I hate when people leak such personal business out to the media, I would be embarrassed. But then again she is a porn star.
  10. is this serious?
  11. Maybe she just wants to be prettier down below...

    I always thought that after breast and figure enhancement people would next think about making their privates prettier!
  12. As they say, "grass doesn't grow on a runway"..... I don't think it will help her......but, it's news.
  13. :wtf:

    where are the pics?!?!

  14. Does that mean she doesn't need to wax?
  15. No, it's well-traveled..........