Jenna Jameson weighed 92 pounds.

  1. Jenna Jameson weighed 92 pounds.


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  2. she looks so bad.. i feel sorry for her...she looks like a skinny joan rivers
  3. Wow, ITA.
  4. She was so pretty before...before all the plastic surgery and when she was at a normal weight. She looks downright scary now. I hope she gets healthy soon.
  5. what happend to her??? I knew she had some pretty nasty cosmetic surgery done..but why has she dropped so much weight? Anorexia?? Drugs??
  6. I wonder what her implants weigh in at?
  7. She needs a bra! Her boobs look so droopy and low. :shocked:
  8. Her boobs probably weigh 85 lbs.
  9. Omg, thats what I was thinkin too!
  10. WOW! Makes her lips & breasts look bigger! Who thought that was possible?

    I heard she said the weight loss was due to her divorce- she can't eat when she's upset.
  11. EEEK! I'm sure thats not the look she was going for! :p

    She was such a beautiful woman. I don't know why she thought she needed all that surgery.
  12. Oh God! That woman could hide behind a flag pole.
  13. Considering her fake boobs probably weigh at least 10 pounds... that doesn't bode well for her health.
  14. 92 pounds??? Gosh, that doesn't sound right for her height at all! Someone get that poor girl a cheeseburger!
  15. I was just in the grocery store and picked up a US Weekly while waiting in line and there's a story about her. It said she had cancer and that why she lost so much weight. Also in the article she said that she is trying to gain some weight to get back to 105 which is what I think she weighed before and looked healthy.

    I feel bad for her b/c her mother died of cancer when she was 32. Jenna is 31 now. :sad: I can see how worrying about that can make you lose weight. Hope she's healthy soon.