Jenna Jameson singing Happy BD to Tito

  1. she usto look amazing...and now she is soo gross
  2. She looks gross.
  3. So sad what she did to herself. I guess I'll have to watch her old movies if I want to see her looking the way she used to look. She truly was one of the really beautiful women in the adult industry. Now, she looks fake and underfed.
  4. Poor girl..
  5. Quick, someone get her a donut or something!
  6. hmmmm....
  7. or at least a milkshake or something!
  8. She looks nasty. Well, I guess she always looked nasty, but now she looks scary too!
  9. I think she looks fine. Dhe didn't look much smaller than the other girls and dancing. Have you never seen Namie amuro and the like dancing?
  10. ^^^
    I wouldn't say fine, however she does look a little bigger from the time she was in the heatherette fashion show!yikes walking skeleton with humongo boobies!
  11. Jenna, You're looking horrible!
  12. hope she'll at least find happiness w/ her bf
  13. She is too thin, it doesn't look good.
  14. Much much too thin...