Jenna Jameson looking completly unrecogonizable

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    I don't really see the pretty girl that I used to see, perhaps because she should be woman but she's still chasing after looking like she is in her 20s
  2. Sad! And those tattoos on her legs are hideous.:push:

  3. :wtf::wtf: wth happened to her?????????????
  4. her boobs are still holding up. how? I'm not quite sure
  5. Sad, she looks awful. She was always very pretty.
  6. those tattoos are horrible ...
  7. She does not look good there :sad: I hope she'll go back to looking more like she used to.. OT, but I *love* her dress though!
  8. Ugh. Too many times around the track, Jenna....
    When your legs are sagging that much, I don't know....must have been from all the use....:wtf:
    Ah - just kidding. I think she's too thin, personally - and I don't care for the tattoos on her legs, but at least she's not in rehab like everyone else! :nuts:
  9. ITA! Tattoos can be refined and sexy, but they have to be in the right place, with the right artwork, these are neither!
  10. This is a tragedy in the making.
    I'm afraid her name will soon be on the "dead porn stars" list.
  11. Yikes.. her face :wtf:! What happened? I know she's had plastic surgery but..
    she used to be gorgeous! I mean she doesn't look hideous or fugly or anything but she looks.. worn out.
  12. sad...
    Her chin and lips look "surgery funny" to me.
  13. Yes, she looks very hard looking. How old is she anyway?
  14. she used to be so pretty!
  15. She looks too thin and unhealthy.