Jenna Jameson Aspires To Be Like Paris Hilton

  1. World-renowned porn star Jenna Jameson has her giant lips set on International model acclaim. Just like an impressionable young girl, the newly anorexic-ed Jenna aspires to become like Paris Hilton. The once voluptuous-vixen, pleaded with TMZ cameras outside of Koi to stop calling her too skinny, because she’s very ‘healthy and happy’ with her new ana-look. She will continue to drive her high fashion modeling career in shows at New York fashion week.

  2. Oh please, say it isn't so.. :sad:
  3. Wow!Jenna-now body looks like crap,bad boob job,overly pumped lips(bet I know the drag queen that did them!,partying with the hag Paris Hilton. When will it end??
  4. Hmm Jenna had her implants taken out, she looks alright without them.

    Wasn't Jenna "hot" before Paris? If so then I would say that Paris subconsciously aspired to be like Jenna!
  5. I think Jenna looked better before. She's too skinny now and her lips make her look like a duck.
  6. They've probably done about the same amount of guys so I'd say she's on the right track!
  7. it’s so funny that she had her implants taken out to look more like paris lol
  8. Regardless of what she's done, Jenna looks old and tired.
  9. True, but at least Jenna got some money for her effort. Paris just got herpes...

    Why anyone would want to be like or hang out with Paris Hilton is beyond me. Jenna was so lovely before all this.
  10. how much does she weigh now?
  11. :roflmfao: Thats all I got.
  12. Ugh.
  13. another old hag wanting to look like Paris...:nuts:
  14. she has a really creepy looking face.
  15. She´s gone and lost her mind