Jenna Jameson @ Adult Video Awards

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I can already picture what her skeleton looks like
  3. ^^^^ Yup. We definitely don't need an X-ray here
  4. :lol:

    I can just imagine how getting one of these awards would make any gal proud of their accomplishment,j/k. :roflmfao:
  5. She's gross looking....see what cocaine does to people??
  6. sad... she looks like a twig with puffer trout pout...
  7. I think she looks a tad better then she did a few months ago...she at least looks more alive in these pictures than she did awile ago...I guess I am alone here but I hope she finds some help to make her healthier. She used to be sooo pretty!
  8. What a shame. She was so naturally beautiful, and she will never be the same.
  9. Her face looks so unnatural and alien-like.
  10. Ohhhh not looking good at all.
  11. She's scary. Used to be amazingly gorgeous. Now, just scary.
  12. i am starting to think its a little more than cocaine and drugs she is sick from
  13. I read that she retired at that show... she is looking healthier though.
  14. Too much plastic surgery, sadly, but she does look a tad better than she has recently.
  15. If she looks this bad now imagine her in 10 years.....Kind of reminds me of the bad plastic surgery Melaine Griffin had.