Jenna Bush getting married on May 10th.

  1. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush's daughter Jenna and her fiance, Henry Hager, will marry on May 10, People magazine reported on its Web site on Wednesday, citing two sources it did not identify.

    The wedding will be held at the president's 1,600-acre (646-hectare) ranch in Crawford, Texas, one source told the magazine.

    A spokeswoman for first lady Laura Bush said she could not confirm the report and had no comment on it.

    "It's going to be a small wedding," the source told People, adding Jenna had already selected her bridesmaids. "She's very excited. They make a great couple."

    Jenna Bush, 26, became engaged in August to Hager, 29, who comes from a prominent Republican family and worked in the president's re-election campaign.

    The couple's engagement announcement touched off a flurry of speculation about the possibility of a White House wedding.

    Laura Bush told People magazine in November she fancied the idea of a White House wedding herself but knew it would not be very private.

    "And of course we want to do what Jenna wants to do," she said.

  2. congrats girly

    must be nice
  3. The Bush twins have kind of grown on me. She seems like a nice girl. Good for her!
  4. Congratulations to her!
  5. Aw, congrats to her. She was so cute on Ellen a couple of months ago.
  6. Congrats to the happy couple!
  7. Congratulations to Jenna and her fiance.
  8. Wow she looks a lot like her dad.
  9. She seemed really sweet when she was on Ellen. I wonder what her fiance looks like.
  10. ^Here's the pic they keep showing: