Jenn83's Collection

  1. Hi! I'm new to the site and wanted to share pics of my wallet and handbag collection.
    Gucci wallet.jpg LV Wallet.jpg botkier1.jpg Coach Signature.jpg Coach Soho.jpg Gucci horsebit.jpg LV Speedy.jpg MJ Round Hobo.jpg MJ Tote.jpg MJ Venetia.jpg
  2. nice collection, love the MJ's...
  3. great collection-the MJ rocks!
  4. Oh man, I love everything! Great collection :heart:3
  5. I like all your collection. I like those MJ's and the colors!
  6. great collection! thanks for sharing!!!
  7. Love the Gucci wallet, and the colour of the MJ bag is divine ! Great collection.
  8. Nice collection. I love that fuschia colored MJ.
  9. What is the black bag next to the LV? I love it!!!!
  10. Thats the large Gucci Horsebit Hobo (Not the best pic)
  11. Welcome to tPF! Great collection!!
  12. very nice, love the speedy!
  13. love your MJ's!!!
  14. I love the variety of colours and styles in your collection. Very nice!
  15. beautiful! everything is so colorful and vibrant and i love your botkier :smile: