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  1. I have been debating whether to make a collection thread for quite some time now. It seems that pairs are always coming and going, so my collection has never quite been complete. I would venture to say that I have never even thought of my shoes as a collection until the other day when I realized that yes, I will buy more pairs, but at the moment -- I am satisfied. :smile:

    Without further ado.......


    When I received my first pair of CL's, I literally could not believe the $695 price tag. Little did I know back then that this would be one of the more reasonably priced pairs of shoes that I own. This is hands down my go-to shoe for everything. This pair is wonderful for work and can easily transition to a night on the town - and comfortable, too? One might call this the perfect shoe!

    New Simple in Black Patent

  2. When I really started noticing CL's and how amazing they are, I was still experiencing a bit of sticker shock. When I walked into Barneys and saw these, I absolutely fell in love. I love a great sandal - I do live in AZ, after all - and the four-hundred-something price tag seemed much more reasonable to me than a lot of the other pairs I saw in the store that day; one might call this a gateway shoe. ;)

    I have a very special place in my heart for these shoes. The weekend after I bought them, DBF and I went to Vegas for the long weekend to celebrate his 28th and Valentine's Day. I debuted these in Vegas for a day of drinking and walking the strip with the love of my life. These may not be the most expensive pair that I own, but they have great memories attached to them and I could never part with them... And let's be honest; they are super comfy and go with everything! May I present....

    Nuria Calf in Black

  3. My next pair came to me amidst the sale season earlier this year. While it was only one of multiple purchases, I believe this is the only pair I have actually held on to of all the shoes I bought during the big sales. My wonderful SA, Tim, at the Scottsdale Barneys pulled through on these and got BH to ship them to me after I tried, unsuccessfully, to procure these for myself. I lusted after these when they first hit Barneys at full price, but I am not much of a wedge person and could never picture paying over six hundred dollars for a shoe that I knew I wouldn't wear much.... But darnit, shiny things attract me and there is just something to be said for the details on this shoe. These are HEAVY, too! So here they are...

    Macarena 120 Calf Wedge in Black

  4. 99.99999999% of the time I won't even look at Craigslist except to sell my own furniture and cell phones I no longer have a need for. I have long been convinced that everything on Craigslist is either a counterfeit or somehow tied to someone in Nigeria who wants me to Western Union them money; however, for whatever reason, I searched for Louboutins one day on Craigslist and came across these booties. I was incredibly skeptical about their authenticity, so I emailed the seller for more pictures. The price was way too good to be true, and these were actually in my size.. It couldn't be! The seller got back to me almost instantaneously with additional pictures and agreed to meet me. As it turns out, the seller of these was an absolute doll and these shoes are as authentic as can be. For $150, I don't see how I could have gone wrong!

    Belle Ankle Bootie in Black

  5. The next pair on this list was a bit of a fluke. I wandered into Barneys one day to look at shoes when my SA, Tim, told me that I should think about pre-saling some of the Louboutins on the floor. He said that anything with a red dot on the bottom of the sole would be going on sale and to pick what I wanted and he would hold them for me. Amazing! I ended up picking this pair which he said I could pay for and pick up a week later. How very exciting! The day that I went in to pick these up, Tim told me that he had bad news. This pair was incorrectly marked and unfortunately did not go on sale; however, he extended me a 10% discount as a courtesy for the mix up. 10% off a full price pair that likely will never go on sale? Yes, please.

    Black Suede Greissimo 140

  6. At this point, I still wasn't *really* bitten by the CL bug. I loved the pairs that I had, but I wasn't IN love with them. I only really pulled out my New Simples and Greissimos for special occasions, and it was still much to warm to wear the Belles. Heck, who am I kidding, it is still too warm to wear the Belles! So one day while DBF and I were out of state visiting my parents, we both sat on our laptops in their breakfast room. He was desperate to find a particular pair of shoes, and we sat there for an hour - both searching - before voila! We found them! DBF ordered them and was completely stoked! Well, I decided........ This means I can buy new shoes, too! I decided to take a look at Bluefly, and when I saw these, I knew I had to have them. I thought about my current collection and how, well, ALL BLACK it was. This was the absolute perfect pair t add a little colour!

    Bianca Sling in Colorway Patent - Black/Coral

  7. :love:They are beautiful!!!:love:
  8. Up to this point, I felt that exotics were beautiful, but very overpriced; however, there was a particular pair that had been sitting on eBay for quite some time that I had been eyeballing the living heck out of. I emailed the seller numerous questions, but never bid - I can't believe she didn't block my email address just so she didn't have to deal with me anymore! I debated, debated, and debated over whether I should pull the trigger on these shoes. The eBay auction ended with no bidders, and I thought I had better move on with my life. I went to Vegas that weekend (we go quite a bit, obviously!) and I stopped into the Louboutin boutique at the Palazzo. I of course went into the tiny side-room where all the exotics are, and it hit me...... What have I done!? I cannot BELIEVE I did not buy that pair on eBay while I had the chance! My girlfriends thought I was crazy, but I was truly upset over the fact that I blew it! I lost my chance! A few days later, I was back at home and - OMG!!!! - the seller had relisted and at a lower price! I negotiated the price and, with some great advice from the wonderful *MJ* and louboutinlawyer, I added these beauties to my collection. My very first exotics, and one of my favourite pairs of all time...

    Altadama 140 Python Laminato in Mimosa

  9. Now, this next pair.... Oh, this next pair!

    This pair is somewhat of a holy grail of mine after seeing numerous photos of DC-cutie rocking the hell out of hers. As it turns out, these are also incredibly difficult to find in my size. One day, while combing eBay, I saw a very simple title: "Louboutin Gladiator Sandals." Yawn.... But WAIT! The picture! Could it be? Of course, there was no size listed in the title, so I clicked the link to see if these could possibly fit me... Why, oh why did Internet Explorer take so long to open this page. Low and behold, these shoes were a size 38.5! The opening bid was $600, so I emailed the seller and asked if he would consider a BIN. Nope, no dice. Ok, fine. The auction had 5 days to go and ended that coming Sunday morning. Saturday night, I put my bid in for $600 and prayed to the Shoe Gods. On Sunday morning, as we always do, DBF and I went to breakfast - and I knew the auction was ending right as we would be eating. DBF has a HUGE issue with me using my Blackberry at the table, and I had no clue how I was going to get away with this. Right before we left to eat, I threw in a higher max bid of $800 and hoped for the best.... But I couldn't help myself. All during breakfast, I checked the auction on my Blackberry under the table. When DBF caught me, I told him I was checking my work emails. As it turns out, I was the only bidder! The seller of these was absolutely lovely, and I'm so happy to finally own these!

    Pique Cire 140 Calf in Beige

  10. This next pair was another adventure. After receiving my Altadamas, I decided that exotics were certainly not overpriced - they were downright amazing! So when I saw this pair on eBay for a low, low starting bid of $225 or something ridiculous, I thought - these are MINE! I stalked these and texted about them with *MJ* for days. On the last day of the auction, with only an hour and a half left, they still had no bids. I put my bid in and knew that I was going to get an amazing price! And then... A member here posted these on D&S. I was heartbroken! All of a sudden the price started going up, and up, and up, and up... And the bidding war was on! In the end, I paid a lot more for these shoes than I had wanted to, but I'm glad I did. These shoes were sold to me by none other than the very sweet *Melia* and are truly amazing! They are a whole size too big so I am still struggling with padding them, but I will MAKE them work!

    Very Prive Whips Roccia

  11. At one point in time, I purchased a pair of CLs off eBay from who I would later find out is also a member of TPF. She and I have become great friends and enable each other on the regular. This next shoe was an UHG of hers, and I decided that it was my mission to find them for her, dangit! At this point in time, for whatever reason, this shoe was completely non-existent - especially in her size. One day, however, I found them on eBay - in her size!! I sent her a text as fast as I could and told her to drop what she was doing and get on eBay - they are THERE!! The seller had a high BIN on the shoes, so she sent her an email to see if she would accept a best offer. Indeed, the seller agreed to lower the price, but only if my friend bought them off eBay. Heartbreak! She just didn't feel comfortable buying off eBay, so back to searching we went. As it turns out, I ended up finding a BNIB pair on Bonzazle for much less which my friend snapped up - oh happy day! ..... But all this searching made me realize that I too loved this shoe. So the search continued - ugh! Now I had to have a pair, too! Well, the seller who had initially requested that my friend complete the transaction off eBay relisted the same pair we previously saw, and at a lower price! The price was lower, but was still more than I was willing to pay. I emailed the seller and negotiated an offer over the span of a few weeks, and of course she requested that we complete the transaction off eBay so that she could save the seller fees. I debated and debated, and finally decided to purchase the shoes via PayPal off eBay. I am so glad that I did.........

    Greissimo 140 Multi Color Damas

  12. My next pair was a total stroke of luck. I had been searching high and low for this particular pair, as I feel that many of us are, with no results. On a random morning at the office, I decided to call around to the boutiques to see if I could track this down. I happened upon the very sweet Nathalie at the Miami boutique who told me that they had no pairs in stock, but that she would put me on the waiting list. I hated the idea of being put on a list and knew it would be a while before I got the call back about the shoes I wanted, but I put my name in anyway. The very next morning, I missed a call on my cell from a number I didn't know. I immediately checked my voicemail and, SHOCK, it was Nathalie calling to tell me that they got a surprise shipment of these in! I emailed back the order form and prayed to the Shoe Gods that this pair fit me. When they arrived, my God, they were beautiful and fit perfectly! I still can't believe that I am lucky enough to own these beauties. They hurt like hell, but wow these look great with everything!

    Bianca Patent in Nude

  13. This next pair was a Bonanzle find and started their life looking very different than they do now. I recently discovered that VP's are the most deliciously comfortable shoes, and I just cannot get enough of them. When I happened on this particular pair in silver Laminato, the price was right and they were perfect for what I intended to do to them.

    I am a consistent lurker of the DIY thread, and the projects that the gorgeous ladies here on the CL subforum have made absolutely amaze me. The talent here is just staggering - how could I not try my hand? The wonderful Popsicool referred me to a website she found which had the perfect marine glitter colour, but I decided to go my own route. I ordered a huge mix of different sized glitter in both black and black opal which turned out to look identical to the marine glitter used by Louboutin. As it turns out, I ordered a little more than I needed from Kit Kraft and now have enough glitter to cover our entire house, but at least I know that if I ever need to do a touch up on these shoes, I'll be covered!

    DIY Very Prive Glitter

  14. I really like the multicolor damas on you
  15. So my next pair was purchased on Bonanzle from the same seller I got my silver DIY VP's. There was a bit of controversy over the condition in which the shoes arrived to me, and the seller and I had a few weeks of back and forth over these. In the end, the seller turned out to be very nice and we came to an agreement that we both can live with. Although I felt that this purchase may have been a mistake, I now know that these are a very important and very loved addition to my humble collection. The seller and I certainly started out on the wrong foot (no pun intended,) but I hope she and I continue to chat and be friends. But on to the shoe themselves.... These definitely need a little rehab, but they are still very fabulous and are a big part of my growing love for exotics. Unfortunately, there was a mix up and I never received the box, so I am unsure of the exact style name, so let's just call these....

    Very Prive Gold Python