Jen & Violet (Heart) New York!

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  2. WOW! Violet is so pretty!
  3. she's a cutie!
  4. aww she is so adorable! I love that Jen seems like a normal mom unlike some other celeb moms that shall remain nameless. lol
  5. Wow! Is she ever cute!
  6. She is seriously adorable!
  7. Violet is a cutie. :tender:
  8. I just love this family together! The joy they share together just ooozes from the pics!
  9. she looks so much like her mom!!!! Love them!
  10. mommy's little angel!
  11. I see dad!! What an adorable lil' lady!!!
  12. What a wonderful mommy baby combo, Jen looks like a great mom!
  13. So cute!
  14. Violet is so cute and Jennifer seems so be a great and a very normal, hands-on mom
  15. aw, so cute! she seems to be a really happy child. :biggrin: