Jen Tries to Kick the Habit

  1. According to some mags, Jennifer Aniston smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Rumor???

    Jen Tries to Kick the Habit

    The former Friends star is desperate to kick her nicotine habit but is constantly tempted to reach for the cigarette pack when she sees Vaughn continue to smoke. A source tells British tabloid the Daily Express, "Jen's been in trouble with her doctor because she went to him for help in giving up and hasn't. "Every time she tried, there would be Vince puffing away. "He's not helping in the least and when she tells him off about it, he just laughs."

    Quit smoking Jen and Vince, it's healthy for you! Above, Jennifer Aniston throws up the peace sign during her stop at 'Le Grand Journal', a television show in France hosted by Michel Denisot.
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  2. aww, if she does smoke, i hope she quits! shes to pretty to smoke! ::sad::
  3. What? I didn't know Jen is a smoker.
  4. She's known for chain smoking.

    "confessed to enjoying marijuana joints sporadically, but is keen to point out she is not an addict. She says, 'I enjoy it once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation. I wouldn't call myself a pot-head. It's not cocaine or shooting heroin'"
  5. Ewwwh i hate the smell of smokes..
  6. Wow I didn't know that she smoked as well. Good for her if she's trying to quit and being around Vince doesn't seem to help. I hope she does quit she doesn't need that in her life especially 2 packs a day.
  7. It is going to ruin her if it is true.
  8. I hope she can quit, I knew she smoked, but 2 packs a day isn't just a little!
    Maybe that's why her hands look so old to me. Anyone else notice her hands? I always notice them when she's on talk shows!
    Also, maybe that's what's helping her keep her trim figure!
  9. She definitely does smoke-i remember seeing a video or a picture of her smoking-not sure about the 2 packs a day though. Giving up smoking is hard!
  10. i;ve seen pics of her smoking as well...but wow 2 packs a day??!!??
  11. One of my girlfriends used to live no the same stretch of beach as Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. She was on friendly terms with them and said that Jennifer Aniston is a major pot-head! lol
  12. Agree with Swanky. Many ppl commented on her not looking too good at times (face/complexion; of course there would be die-hard fans who think she's positively glowing). We are told over and over that smoking+tanning+dieting (JA's guity of all 3 counts) are very bad for us over time, no amount of exercise can offset those damages. It's said that smoking is one of the factors that help many models/stars keep their figures. Many people gain weigh after quitting.

    I hope she can quit. There are rumors of her (as with all actresses) expecting a baby b/c of noticable bump in recent pictures. What kind of world are we living in? Women aren't allowed to gain a bit of weigh? =)

  13. (source:
    Jennifer Aniston Engaged?

    Jennifer Aniston's publicists are feverishly trying to brush off rumors the actress has become engaged to boyfriend Vince Vaughn. Aniston was spotted wearing a 9.5-carat, canary diamond Suzy Fabrikant ring recently but a publicist for the former Friends star rants, "Jennifer is past the point of responding to any of these ludicrous rumors." Above is Jen leaving her hotel in Paris and arriving in London earlier this morning. She's expected to walk the red carpet with Vince Vaughn (many feet apart, I'm sure) for the UK premiere of their hit romantic comedy The Break-Up. After the jump are more pictures of Jen and Vince enjoying a candlelit dinner at the ritzy Plaza Athenee yesterday evening. More pictures in the gallery!
    UPDATE :: Added pictures of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn at the UK Premiere of The Break-Up at Vue West End, Leicester Square in London earlier today.