Jen & Reese Out to Lunch

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  1. :nuts: :yes: :love: i love them!

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  2. poor reese looks tired.
  3. I love Jen's bag! What is it? Looks like Prada or Miu Miu.
  4. ^^ Prada i think
  5. I didn't know they were friends, but I think they are a cute couple. I also love her bag, and this is Prada's Cervo Antic Satchel
    (Liv Tyler has the same and she used to wear it everywhere). It's really beautiful.

  6. me too!
  7. Poor Reece, she's got a mouthful of something - not the best look on anyone!
  8. I love them both. I believe they have done some charity work together, for the children of Katrina.
  9. Reese looks so tiny. Ithought it was a little kid! HA!
  10. Love the Prada Bag:heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. love reese, she's so cute.
  12. I love Reese too. Although she looks tired, she still looks good!
  13. I LOVE them both!!! Maybe one day they'll do a movie together!!!:nuts:
  14. Love them both! Jen looks fantastic, and I love her bag!