Jen Aniston inspired me to buy the leaf necklace...

  1. Yes, she did. I saw her wearing it in her movie and in TV appearances and in pics as well.... I think the leaf is so unusual, better than the usual hearts and stars we see so often! So I bought a new gold one on eBay....:yahoo:
  2. i love that necklace...who makes it?? or are there alot of designers that do
  3. I believe Jennifer wore Jennifer Meyers pieces, but since they got so popular, a lot more designers and retailers carry it...
  4. oh ok thanks so much!
  5. You're welcome! :smile:

    If you search on eBay, I'm sure you can find plenty. Real gold, too. :drool:
  6. what should i search??
  7. I am obsessed with leaves. I know it's wierd but I love them I have so many leaf things. I will deff have to buy this! Thanks for the link imgg.
  8. :crybaby: ok I just saw the price of these wow I can't afford them.
  9. it is very nice and chic, congrats!
  10. im with you!!! i LOVE them but i cant afford it either:sad:
  11. If you type in "gold leaf pendant" or "gold leaf necklace" on eBay, you can get some really good deals...I couldn't afford the retail prices either but I got this really nice one for $20!! It's a real leaf dipped in gold.... how cute. I think that collection that Aniston was sporting was called "Leaving Fall"... this one I got is the same as that I believe.

    Good luck!