Jen and Paul at her home!

  1. Jennifer Aniston and her new hot guy Paul Sculfor enjoy some sun on the balcony of her Hollywood Hills house.
    janistonpaul1.jpg janistonpaul2.jpg janistonpaul3.jpg janistonpaul4.jpg
  2. I'm happy for Jen!!
  3. I'm glad for her!!! To be honest, I'm quite sick of Brad and Angelina. :shrugs:
  4. i'm happy for her too, and he is delicious!!!!!!!!
  5. I am happy for her too!!! What Brad did was not right! She finally deserves to be happy...
  6. Me too.

    They are a beautiful couple. He is so hot...

  7. with you on this one !

    i :heart: Jen i wish her all the happiness in the world :tup:
  8. Me too. Now it's Jen's time to be happy. I wish her all the best! And definitely I'd love to see a mini Jen one day... :smile:
  9. He's cute!
  10. He's much more attractive than Vince Vaughan.
  11. Good for Jen, I hope she is happyier now.
  12. They went outside on the balcony just for the publicity...
  13. ^^^^ I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. It's her house and I doubt she just dreamed about being photographed on her balcony by thepaparazzi. They didn't go for a lunch to the Ivy, or shopping to Kitson, where every starlet go just to be seen. It's her private house and I doubt she goes out on the balcony or goes to her garden just for publicity.
  14. I agree. The balcony is there for a reason. It's her house, why does she have to be a prisoner at her own place?

    I am not her fan and I am not defending her. But I think she doesn't need to do anything for publicity. It's the paparazzis that camp out at her place. She didn't call them and tell them to be there.
  15. Good for her! He's a hottie. I thought his chest would be more built, though.