reviews, experiences?

  1. Has anyone bought from them before? I just purchased a bag from them and have been having problems contacting the store owner, Rachel, by phone. Even before I had purchased it seemed like they never picked up the calls and it always went to voicemails even though they would reply to my emails within 10-15 minutes...

    Just kind of worried--she seemed really sweet but I got my bag today and had a few concerns and issues that I wanted to talk to her about...

  2. I bought one bag from them and had no problems. Rachel was quick to reply - so maybe she is on vacation? Still they should be responsive. Hang in there - I think others have had good experiences, too.
  3. thanks...yahh she was quick to reply to emails the past few days and then today I emailed her and hadnt heard back--didnt mean to get all panicky but I guess I did feel a tad worried when I didnt hear back and there seemed to be something wrong with the bag...
  4. Wow they have some coveted bags on their site, a dark grey reissue and a brand new MC flap. Is this site authentic??
  5. Yes, they are authentic.

    calisnoopy are you the lucky gal with the new grey jumbo reissue? I'm sure she'll get back to you soon.
  6. nooo...I actually got a devi kroell python hobo in matte gold...but there seemed to be a problem with the python scales...

    Rachel just got back to we're working on resolving it now though but the grey reissue is amazing and awesome price too right?
  7. calisnoopy did you get the grey jumbo on the site?
  8. I see the grey is on hold - I emailed her - I would love to get a grey reissue...want a 226 but - I could live with a 227...hehehe. Poor little Chanel girl syndrome....:p

    Good luck with your bag!!
  9. I think the grey reissue on their site is a perfect price.

  10. good to know....:yes:
  11. She has great stuff. However I emailed her 4 days ago about a bag and she has yet to reply...maybe it's just me.. but since this is my first experience with her and no quick email replies. I'm discouraged to go through with any transaction in the future
  12. i don't think its just perfect, i think that price is UNREAL (in a good way)!!! :nuts: whoever managed to get it has just gotten one heeeeeckuva bargain :tup::tup::tup:
  13. I've read reviews/profiles on JemzNJewels -- profiles in magazines like Harper's Bazaar, Elle, pretty sure they're authentic and reputable. However, from my own experience, I've received NO response to ANY of my e-mails -- I'd inquired about 3-4 bags (that I were seriously interested in buying) on her website over the past year or so and not a single time did I get an email response.
  14. ^Wow, that sucks. Not very good business. I can understand being busy and short staffed, but still, everyone who emails should eventually receive a response.
  15. She is totally legit....the only resale site I trust. She can be a little hard to reach but I can handle the quirky and actually forget about it when I get that special box in the mail
    Not only great bags but fab jewelry. I have been buying from her for years...she gets most of her stuff from magazine editors who get the stuff for nothing, wear a few times and move on.