Jelous of your LVs

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  1. Has anyone experienced jelousy from family & friends or even strangers that you own LVs?
  2. Yeah, a lot of my friends are jealous. I only have one friend who will do anything and everything for Louis Vuitton. She's my shopping partner.
  3. Yes, too many haters. It's not strangers either, it's within family and friends.
    You know, the one up game??

    I don't care anymore. I just rock whatever looks good. :supacool:
  4. Do you ever get cheap shot comments from these people?

    Yup, I get these comments from the out-laws.
  5. Yea... None of my friends are interested in buying designer stuff. One of my friends really likes LV but she always says its too expensive for her, and eyes my stuff...
  6. definitely have experienced's just those snide comments about "oh...another one??" or "don't you have enough?" or "gee, you must be made of money."
  7. ^^ I get that too! Or "What a waste of money!"
  8. :sad: All of those comments suck! I haven't gotten any yet, but then I haven't been in the LV loop for a long time yet, so we'll see. I hope I don't get any.
  9. I would like to think that when my friends check out my bags, it's out of admiration. They do not make negative comments. They just choose to spend their money elsewhere. Sadly, I don't have a friend to share my obsessions with....
  10. From strangers, yes; from friends and family, no.
  11. I was told my some of the out-laws that only affluent carries LV, well I'm not affluent but financially happy and plans to enjoy life. Sorry, I'm not like them going around carrying real cheap fakes.

    Another comment was that I was a stuck up bit?? and get made fun of because I own LVs (by my brother and his very lovely:mad:wife). With family members like this, who needs enemies???
  12. My closer friends are not too jealous. They like peeking at my bags and I think are happy that someone they know is able to get them, so they can see them up close. One woman I know has a lot of stuff going on in her life so I think I more or less annoy her when I have a new bag. I can just tell by the way she is that she is truly jealous but in a bad way.
  13. thankfully no haters within friends and family. family knows how much they cost, but they remember that it is MY own money i am spending. as for friends. only one has a coach thing, the rest don't know how much my bags cost....i'd like to keep it that way lol.
  14. Oh, are we related? Sounds like my family. My mom understands. My sister can't afford it. My grandmother and aunts are haters.
  15. has anyone ever had people ask where you got your bag and you say "from Louis Vuitton" and they look at you all shocked like they expected you to say flea market?