*Jeh3v's Joys - Treasures of an Outlet Stalker!*

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  1. In tribute and awe of Bunny's wildly successful thread, I thought I'd make one of my own since I've been known to be a pretty crazy shopper myself! :P I have some new purchases I'd like to share today, and I'll post all my purchases in the future on this thread too! Anyone care to see?

  2. I'm here, let's see!
  3. [​IMG]

    Here is the bag teaser...Had a friend pick it up for me!
  4. Me too!!
  5. I'm here~lets see your goodies!!
  6. Come on miss baggy, show a little skin! I've got a couple of cyber dollars I can throw at you!!
  7. Turnlock Tote! I've been drooling over this one since I first saw Johnnie's posted!
  8. Take it off!
  9. I was posting when you did the photo, beautiful, I just love that turnlock style.
  10. Got this little purple goody from a fabulous TPFer on Bonanzle! Passed it up when it was at my outlet and kicked myself ever since!
  11. That is one gorgeous tote!! Especially with that delicious lining!!
  12. I love that tote! show us the rest please:graucho:
  13. Beautiful, show us some more ...
  14. Got this little man that is extra special to me! On my first diving trip, I was lucky enough to see a seahorse and I was so excited! And guess what color he was...orange! :woohoo:

    I have plans to take him off the lanyard and make it into a necklace! Sorry for the crappy pic, he is hard to photograph!
  15. I've never seen that seahorse charm IRL, but it looks beautiful, congrats!