Jeff's small Gucci collection! (3 items)

  1. Hi all!

    I have been reading the Gucci forum for a while now but never really made any posts. I finally bought a Gucci Messenger Bag yesterday and decided to show you gals! I also have 2 vintage items from before.

    I use the wallet everyday for the last couple of years so it does show some wear and tear, its vintage from the 80s that i found in new condition in a consignment shop! The large tote is the same pvc material as the wallet and was a hand me down from my mom, I believe it was from the same 80's time period as my wallet. The tote, even after so many years, is in great condition! seriously, there is no scratch on the fabric at all!

    The messenger bag I got yesterday is a great daytime going out bag which I'm sure will get much use!

    in the future i would LOVE to get a leather Gucci bag!

    For reference I'm only 19.

    here are the pics! enjoy! :okay:







    grrr! i can't believe the bag showcase forum is closed! i have some other items, like by Burberry scarf and shawl, my 2 Bally bags, LV wallet, Agnes B bags, and my Vivienne Westwood phone strap and bags! i guess i have to post in the respective threads! lol

    thanks for looking!:wlae:

    p.s. sry for the slight blurryness as i took the pics with my laptop webcam! lol
  2. wow! great collections! love the messanger bag! your wallet doesn't look like there is much wear and tear! you take care of your items so well :biggrin:
  3. nice collection! I really like that tote :biggrin:
  4. Nice congrats bro!!
  5. ohhh cute messanger! which one is that? i think i may need one lol! what all can you fit in it?
  6. nice pieces! the messenger bag sure looks handy. congrats! =)
  7. you have a very nice collection for someone so young!!! congrats on your messenger.
  8. i love the tote! do you know of any consignment shops here in toronto?

  9. there is one in Yorkville, i forgot what its called but its on Yorkville Avenue, beside 'Over the Rainbow' jeans store on the 3rd floor!
  10. love it!
  11. I finally bought a Gucci Messenger Bag yesterday and decided to show you gals!

    LOL there's men here too!!! LOL :smile:

    ('_') hehehe
  12. I pretty like the messenger!!
    Really cute ;)
  13. Nice collection!
  14. Congrats! Nice collection!
  15. very nice... i am sure yr collection will grow:tup: