Jeffrey Sebelia update-P.Runway 3

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    What Happened to Jeffrey Sebelia?
    It was Santino Rice, the badass of Season 2 and a friend of Sebelia’s from L.A., who suggested he try out for the show. Even though he’d never really watched Project Runway, Sebelia went for it, hoping it would energize his business. He was growing weary of the petty frustrations of being a smallish designer, vulnerable to the ugly business practices retail is infamous for. “They’ll take a jacket and smash a button,” he says of one of the shops he sells to, “and these are really strong buttons, and then they’ll send a return authorization for one piece and return twelve. And they’ll never pay for it.”
    After he won...
    He went home to L.A. to recuperate and wait for the phone to ring. Crowds mobbed him in the street, but business calls only trickled in. Melanie wanted to go to Hawaii to celebrate, but Sebelia realized that once he paid off his Cosa Nostra loan, there wouldn’t be much left of the $100,000 prize.
    He has more or less fallen out of touch with the judges and producers (though he did make a suit for Heidi Klum’s husband, Seal). A mentorship with Macy’s that was meant to be a part of the Project Runway prize was slow to begin.
    Fred Segal asked him to do the Christmas windows, but the store bought only eight pieces. (“They did reorder three,” he says, throwing up his hands in mock celebration. “So, eleven pieces! Woo hoo!”) A shiny-suited investor—“a mob-type guy”—talked big and delivered small, but Sebelia’s still holding out for more. “At this point, if he had the money, I’d take it,” he says, laughing.
    His first post-Runway deal? Not exactly Marc Jacobs for LVMH. “I’m almost afraid to admit what I’m doing,” he says, “but it’s costumes for a movie. It’s a live-action movie for the Bratz.” Those slutty dolls? “Yeah, those slutty dolls.”
    He lives pretty much the same life as he did before Project Runway, save for a breakup with Melanie and the crowds of people waving and yelling his name when he drives up to the vegan restaurant in Silver Lake where he likes to eat lunch. He’s moved into a loft near the Cosa Nostra offices, where he spends his days drawing, draping, hatching plans. He has a handful of employees: two pattern-makers, a receptionist–fit model–girl Friday, and four to eight sewers, depending on the week. His Cosa Nostra line has finally just about caught up to where it was when he left to do the show. But when Sebelia runs into an old friend on the street outside the office, the friend doesn’t say hello. He gives Sebelia the finger and says, “Where the hell have you been? Just getting richer?”
  2. that was interesting. thanks!
  3. thanks for the update
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  5. No problem! I always wondered what had happened to him...he was so proud and confident of himself and his designs and he caused such a stir while on the show. Now we know what he's been up to.
  6. wow, i was hoping he would be a huge success
  7. Thanx for the update. I wonder why he is not approached by more offers. Maybe bc of his attitude? I thought PR would turn him in to an instant success.