Jeffrey Sebelia from Project Runway 3's clothing line for sale now!

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  1. thanks for posting this!!
  2. I like the jacket. I wonder if the others are selling their clothes anywhere?
  3. Those are starting prices for a new designer? Isn't anything affordable anymore?
  4. I really love the first dress!
  5. I saw those prices and was thinking that his prices are as inflated as his ego. I'm surprised they don't cost more.... :roflmfao:
  6. I like the dress, but it looks cheaply made and not worth the $712. I bet he'll have a Target line when he starts to wash up.
  7. Wow the costs of these clothes? It's like along the same line as Phillip Lim prices and other more established designers....
    IMO, it's not worth it. That blazer for $1250? Come on!
  8. The materials used look cheap to me. I don't like the striped bag either.
  9. I like the bag but the straps look cheap and the stitch looks out and I wouldnt have used the same fabric on the handels that is on the bag.

  10. That was my first thought too... that's expensive for someone who isn't established. Anyway, I'm not a fan of any of those pieces so I guess I don't really need to worry about the price anyway!
  11. That's way way too expensive! Btw, did anyone understand the japanese folklore theme? I just spent a year in Tokyo and I'm part Japanese but I don't see it in the clothes at all...

    maybe its just me..
    anyway I wanted ULI to win, I love love love her crazy prints!
  12. I like the jacket and the first zipper dress, but I agree the price needs to be lower. The handbag just doesn't do it for me...The mannequin & horrible wig have to go, they just don't go with his outfits - far too tame, safe and boring...:smile:
  13. The striped jacket looks like something someone in a Barbershop Quartet would be wearing. His prices are absurd.
  14. I agree with so many of the others. The stuff looks cheap. Maybe it's just the photo quality, but I expected something more from him. The styles are cute, though, but really, I prefer things that look and feel well-made.