Jeffrey NY Winter Sale

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  1. For people in NY, this sale has been going on and I checked it out for some shoes.

    Currently, shoes/bag/clothes are 40% but the SA told me that they are slashing some more right after Xmas. LOTS of selections in shoes, esp. a lot of cute Bottegas, including boots.

    In general, they have the best end of season shoe sales, and over the summer, I got a pair of gucci sandals and manolos for 80% (around $150 final price). I find they cut prices a lot more generously than Bergdorf's and Barneys.

    today i saw a pair of dior that i really liked and there was only one left, so I ended up buying it ($280 after discount).
  2. OO thats very good!! I always pass by Jeffrey but I don't stop in. I should!! Thanks.
  3. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea. :smile:
  4. yeah definitely go check it out. when it reaches 80% though, not much is left, but you might find some gems. i think right now the selection is still excellent, but going fast. i am a shoe fanatic and always looking for sales since i cannot afford the stuff i want at regular prices. jeffrey's shoe dept is the main draw for the store and the selection is always amazing.