Jeffrey Campbell's new CL knock-offs

  1. Christian Louboutin $710 at Neiman Marcus (simply gorgeous)



    Jeffrey Campbell $97 from Zappos (no red sole like their pumps, but I will be ordering these tonight to give them a try in red patent. I wish they came in black patent, but they don't.

  2. oooh..those CL's are TDF!!

    please post pics when you get your Jeffrey Campbells!
  3. I love the CL's! Off to NM.....:wlae:
  4. Yes, and please let us know if your Campbells are comfortable!
  5. wow,i :love: red shoes!
  6. I love those!!!!! :nuts: Reasonably priced, too (the Campbell shoes, not the Louboutins). Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Oooh these are cute !
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