Jeffersonville, Ohio outlet...Lets keep this up to date

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  1. Since everyone else has a thread about their outlet that they keep up to date, I thought Jeffersonville needed one since I think this is a great outlet that always has lots of goodies.

    Okay, so I was there Sunday and this is what they had:

    Ergo Framed Satchel, they had it in:
    Burnt Orange
    Dark Brown

    They also had TONS of Carlys, I saw lots of large ones in Plum and black/black signature and then the smaller ones in pretty much any sig pattern. They had a black patent Payton, several Espresso Lindsays, a few cranberrys Barretts (although it was too small for me), the foldover ergo's in gold, and a table full of those small patent satchels (sorry don't know the name) and lots and lots of satin Amanda stuff. And then the usual outlet legacy bags and outlet only bags. Most of this was 50% off the outlet or the redlined price.

    So, I know there have to be lots of ladies who go to Jeffesonville, lets try to keep this updated because I'm 2 hrs away and need time to prepare if something pops up that I have to have. :graucho:
  2. Thanks mrose75...I've been thinking about heading down there Friday. That is if the weather cooperates. I've noticed that the scroll of closings on the bottome of the TV screen has showed that the Jeffersonville outlets have been closed. If I can make it down, I'll definitely report back!
  3. We just had a REALLY bad storm here in northern Ky over the last 2 days with about 10 inches of snow and an inch of ice, so if they got any of that it doesn't suprise me that they would be closed. But I have noticed that they like to close whenever it snows any so check first before making the drive.
  4. We (I live near Columbus) got that same really bad storm. My school has been closed for two days and I'm pretty sure we'll be closed tomorrow too. We've had snow then a huge layer of ice and we've had snow all day on top of that! I'll definitely call before I go!
  5. Ha ha ha, my kids haven't been in school all week and are starting to drive mommy nuts. :hysteric: I really hope theres school tomorrow but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  6. Does anyone know if Jeffersonville is having 50% off right now? From reading some of the other threads it seems like a lot of the other outlets are doing it.
  7. I'll do my part to keep this thread going!
    So I hit Jeffersonville this afternoon and they are definitely having the 50% off. Here's what I remember seeing... I listed out the price if I could remember.

    Josie- blue suede/leather- at least 4 ($79 I think)
    Lila- 3 green and 2 teal ($109)
    Lindsay- 5 Expresso (~$275 after 50% off)
    Hampton Vintage Wallet- 1 Gray - a few scratches- ($139)
    Wool Scarves- tattersall, camel, dk brown ($49.50 after 50% off)
    Gloves- 3 button Teal leather, 3 button Bordeaux leather ($39.99 after 50% off)
    Gloves- Rose suede ($34.99 after 50% off)
    Amanda Clutch- 2-3 each color Purple, Grass, Magenta ($39.99 after discounts)
    Amanda skinny- 2 purple and 1 grass ($9.99 after discount)
    Amanda makeup case- magenta and teal only (14.99 after discount)
    Resort- makeup cases, clutches, wristlets ($20 after discount), skinnys (~$18 after discount), and a small purse all 50% off factory price
    Zoe- 1 Extra Large Editorial- smoky blue suede ($285 after 50% off)
    Zoe- 1 Large Copper
    Zoe- 1 Small Black Patent
    Carly-whole table of large and small
    Ergo- 2 large patent brown hobo (~$75 after 50% off)
    Ergo convertible totes- 3 gold
    Ergo- table of pleated satchels ($249) dk brown, metallic, orange, magenta- none of the laced ones though
    matching wristlets in rose ($79)
    Madison small leather hobos- Blk, Steel, Magenta, Putty (i think)- ($109 after 50% off)
    Madison slim line wallets- Berry and Teal ($87 after discount)
    Tatersall jackets- When they opened the door to heaven- I saw a peak and they had a whole rack in the back.
    Garcia wristlets- 1 parchment, 1 black
    Multitudes of soho patent skinnys (purple, brown) and leather skinnys (red, blk)

    No peyton, haversack, sabrina or julianne- I asked a couple SAs and got the same response. I was told they were still in full price. I think we all know better!
  8. I may try to get up there tomorrow. I'm returning my laced magenta framed satchel so there will be one now. ;) Thanks for the update!!
  9. I hit up Jeffersonville on Friday but don't have too much to report - thanks kssvollmar for a very detailed list! I would like to add that there were lots of black tonal patchwork and signature stripe bags and that sunglasses were 99.00 with an additional 20% for 79$ I got the Ella's (the ones with the changeable bezels) that retailed for $298! I may check back again soon because I'm still hunting a Peyton!
  10. I went yesterday, it was PACKED!! I didn't expect that many people on superbowl sunday but it was wall to wall people. I did pick up some good ies though.
  11. I went yesterday too- thanks to kssvollmar's very thorough list I was able to pick up the three button Bordeaux leather gloves and Amanda purple satin mini skinny (the last one!) I have been looking for. And got a price adjustment for the black Amanda foldover clutch I bought last week. That will probably be my last outlet trip for a few weeks! I don't really have anything else to add to the list- right now I've been focusing on accessories instead of bags for the most part. I notice they had a lot more keyfobs yesterday than they had in previous weeks.
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    NutMeg...I agree about the key fobs. They had both penguins (the red scarf from last year and the lavender from this year), the bulldog, and some other cute ones too!

    mrose, I was checking out your reveal (great stuff, by the way!) and I have to agree with you about the waffeling answers regarding specific items. I was asking after the Peyton and got a million different answers...including the one that said "Oh, that's still in the boutiques," but they did client track me if one were to show up. I'm not going to hold my breath, but one did tell me to call and check and I think that will become my new part-time job!
  13. Thanks for the updates guys. I really need to get down there soon...pick out my Valentine's Day present!
  14. You know the crazy thing, when I was there last week there WAS a black patent Peyton there. Alot of the time I wonder if the SA's know what their talking about. lol. :shrugs:
  15. Glad the list helped guys! I am heading to Cloumbus in 3 weeks and plan to make another stop on the way up and back down...already warned my husband to take a book that it may take a while.:yahoo:

    I agree JennE and mrose that the SAs don't always have the same responses. There is also something off with the client tracker I think. I got a call this morning regarding a client tracker request I put in 2 months ago telling me they had a legacy crossbody in. Ironically I had already bought one- from them! I went up spur of the moment in December and found one on a rack. I am hoping the client tracker for the Sabrina I have in works a little better!:P