Jeffersonville OH outlet

  1. Has anyone been there before (or recently)? I'm planning to go within the next couple of weeks since we'll be in OH anyway.

    Is the selection pretty decent?


  2. Jeff is the closest outlet to me and I thinks its fairly good. It usually has a pretty good selection. But I do think it can be hit-or-miss sometimes.

    I've found some great deals in the clearance section. I think all but one time I went there I found something I loved.

    When I first learned about it, everyone said it was a leather only outlet, so I was a little bummed, but EVERY time I've been there they've had a ton on sig. They usually have the outlet sig and reg sig.

    I love going there because the SA's are so nice, but whenever I go to an outlet, I go in expecting to find nothing and then celebrate if I find something good.
  3. This is the closest outlet to me also and it's pretty decent. The first time I went it was all leather and mostly made-for-outlet stuff. But I was just there about a month ago and they had tons of signature. And they had a lot of cute stuff. Unfortunately no Legacy as of last weekend though.
  4. They always seem to have signature stuff and the SA's there are really nice. They carry a fair bit of sig. and leather items, outlet and not. I'd say it's worth the trip. [You could always get a few small outlet items as Christmas gifts if you don't find something amazing there.]
  5. This is the closest outlet to me too, but I've never been! :wtf: If anyone goes, it would great if you could report back about the selection and if they have any Legacy! :tup:
    I'm dying to get some Legacy pieces...
  6. I've been in that outlet twice in the last two weeks. They have a terrific selection, and were giving out 10% coupons on top of the 20-40% off. The front section seems to carry the made for outlet items, the back clearance area has the boutique items. They had some great mark downs and selection in the clearance area!

    I scored a lot of Christmas gifts!

    Jesso21: I think they had a Legacy satchel in the clearance area.
  7. Thanks KimOH! I will def. have to journey up to it soon (hopefully in the next couple of weeks.) It's great that you found some Xmas gifts there! If I don't buy a bag, I'm sure I'll find a gift or something else to purchase... Thanks again :tup:
  8. Printgal (Bridgett) and Jesso21 -- Did either of you go to the outlet yet and did you find anything?

    When I went at Christmas time I bought a lot of gifts for family. Buffalo wallet and gloves for DH, Chelsea wristlet for my sister, money clip for BIL, 3 sig skinny mini's for nieces, and for myself a Chelsea pebbled leather field bag in plum and a wine leather skinny mini. Loved the bag for myself so much I went back after Christmas and bought the matching plum pebbled leather accordion zip-around wallet.

    They had a great selection of key fobs, I'll go back next month and get a few for myself.
  9. I haven't been able to go yet. Since we were visiting family we didn't get a chance to make it up there last visit, but I've already told my hubby that we are definitely going on our next trip up.