Jeff Silverman and HH?

  1. I don't know if the recent "fan" posts sound too happy
    hhstep1.png hhstep2.png
  2. :sad:

    Some rich hh fan buy this company back and fix it!
  3. The bag I ordered weeks ago received a shipping notice over the weekend. I asked the HH customer support in chat what was going on. She said that they received stock of the bag again and are shipping it out to me for free since I had already been issued a refund. If that is the case, that is a nice gesture. It was the HH trophy satchel in black pebble. I haven't seen any movement on the bag yet, so we'll see. I'll update if I actually receive the bag.
  4. Yes - let us know! Hoping for some happy news.
  5. Good luck yotsubachan. I hope you get it soon.