Jeff Silverman and HH?

  1. WTG Dream!!
  2. Toni and Ben really made HH great. And js does not. That's bananas that he contacted so many hotties. You'd think he would've listened to anything you guys told him! I'm bummed about no more Sophie's and WR items (that I want) etc, etc. JS couldn't pay ME to order from HH at this point, sadly.
  3. I placed an order today. Everything was
    "In stock and ships today!"

    I just checked on the order. Three of the four items were "out of stock."
    I wasn't going to pay full price plus $10 shipping for the one thing in stock, so I cancelled.

    They were going to let me know tomorrow via email about the out of stock items, after they "processed" my order.

    Shoddy way to do business.
  4. Why....why is this not surprising anymore. And you won't be hearing from them tomorrow either, I'm pretty sure of that.
  5. I placed an order yesterday and it all shipped today. I placed another order today and two items were out of stock, but they said I'd still get the 50% and they'd ship them when they arrived. Not so bad, IMO.
  6. maybe they're trying to get rid of all in stock items so they can carry on with their biz model?
  7. What did you buy yesterday?
  8. I'm glad for you jsenning. How did you find out the items were out of stock?

    I'll be honest; my purchase was pretty much an impulse buy. I (re)ordered the tomato carryall, but was wondering whether it was the one that I returned because the zipper didn't work.

    I'm wondering if this is the stuff that Skittle saw in the store shortly before it closed.
  9. I got the elson satchel in black, the black pilot, peacock carryall, and atlantic keyfob the first day, and the red ibiza and other smalls the second and the ibiza was out of stock. If you log in to check your order it shows which items are out of stock in your order. Sucks that you got so many, chez. :sad:
  10. ^^mib, I think you're spot on with this.......

    only time will tell. I hope everyone's orders go through without too much drama. Wishing the best :graucho: ( kinda laughing inside, but in a good way)

    Besos to all HOTTIES.....

  11. Okay, so did they get back to you today?
  12. They sent an email last night telling me the order was cancelled. This was right after I cancelled the one item via online chat.

    I certainly hope that they didn't sell the shopworn/faded items that were sitting in the windows of the old store without disclosing their condition.
  13. Oh no! I wish I had read all these posts before I ordering.

    I placed an order yesterday for 5 items. It said that 4 shipped because one was out of stock. However, they didn't adjust the total. I'm hoping that the actual invoice in the shipped package and the credit card charge reflect the actual items.

    Fingers crossed... but all who ordered, it's probably worth checking that you're actually charged correctly for what you receive
  14. marejean - I wouldn't sweat it yet. At least we've heard that people have had good experiences with returns. I hope your all your things are in good condition. What did you get?
  15. I received a box from HH yesterday and thought it was a Sloane that I ordered 2 months ago.

    It was two of the "out of stock" items that I ordered last week.
    I got the full 50% off. They never notified me to let me know that the "out of stock" items were shipping. There was absolutely no confirmation.

    What the heck is going on there?