Jeff Silverman and HH?

  1. Just got a sale email from HH and when clicking on the image, the URL comes up as HHjeffsilverman comes he the new owner of HH?

    Here's his website:

    Is this old news?
  2. Yep and yep :biggrin:

    Blammie, he reached out to several of us who were posting on the official HH thread, ostensibly for sort of market research reasons, but to me at least it became clear that the whole you design it (we'll copy it) strategy is simply not what I love about the old HH. I mean, good for him for his success, but it's a complete 180 from someone investing in a designer like Toni and backing her creativity. No thanks.
  3. jenn
    thanks "hon" (said in my sometimes Baltimore accent) for the insight.
    All of this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth (making this food focus comment because of your keen taste buds). It's like they have poached (pun intended) her designs for short term gains. Lordy knows what they will come up with for the future, if there is one.

    I am officially DONE with this new HH.

    Thanks again cutie :smooch:
  4. The email says the bags are in stock. I have a hard time believing it.
  5. ^ annam, agreed... all bags are in stock and will ship next day?? 152 unique items are listed, and I am allowed to put for example 5 of the Mulberry Biblio in my cart. I have a very hard time believing they have 5 of those in stock. Unless they mean ship next day from China? :whistle:
  6. What? Can someone post the email link? I never get their emails.

    ....still waiting on bag ordered memorial day weekend
  7. That's my reaction to that email. Considering that they've essentially said that everything is made to order.
  8. urg. I'm posting what I found out here too. You can only buy things with the current sale codes. You can't remove the code to make something regular price and use a different code or credit. :p
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    I wonder what's up. I noticed they removed a lot of things (like the ink Kitana, and the Wyeth tote, and ALL the collection Havanas) at least from what comes up when you click through that email. Maybe they DID just get a delivery from the factory and those are the items that are available (not that I'm going to be experimenting on it, myself)? I sure wish my bag was in that delivery....I was told late June that it had been made, so maybe it's making it's way across the globe sllloooowly....I'm still crossing my fingers.

    Ack...I had to try it and just loaded my cart up with 2 scarfs and 2 bags. So tempting. STOP ME! :noggin: :noggin: I'm walking away from the computer now.
  10. I wonder if my need for the perfect RM MAM would be satisfied by a TS and 4 smalls. ARG.
  11. Yeah I did that too. No candy apple carryalls though so I'm being good.
  12. I just don't trust that they're being up-front with their info, based on my experience with them. I don't see myself ordering anything else from them without seeing A LOT of good experiences for others.
  13. I'm thinking A LOT of us are feeling this way, which certainly won't have them very busy!!
  14. I forgot to say thanks MT for posting the link!
    I resisted, :sweatdrop: