Jeff Gordon Scoop

  1. He is now engaged to a beautiful model that he met in New York. Apparently, he has been building a new life in NY since his divorce. (It was in my local paper and I tried to post a pic, but it would not come clear for you all)

    Just thought some fans may like to hear the scoop.

    He actually looked great and she looked amazing. Good for them!

    (for those who don't know...he is the race car driver)
  2. Interesting! Hoepe it works out! I've seen him around a couple of times at sporting events and he owns a condo next to my office building. He is very pleasant, short but cute!
  3. I think her name is Ingrid and she reminds me of wife number 1, Brooke!
  4. i just read this in..Life & Style i think. good for him